Journey to Guatemala: A day in Seoguis

Blog post by FH blogger Sarah Matheny

We’ve been in Guatemala for two days now.

I’ve said this word before, but I’m not sure it’s ever held any meaning until now:


If yesterday was an overwhelming experience in terms of difficult travel (24 hours total, spent in transit), today was an overwhelming one in terms of love.

Photo by Jessica Taylor

In terms of hospitality.

In terms of seeing the call to service God has put on Food for the Hungry’s staff members’ hearts (and those sponsoring children through FH) and the countless, immeasurable blessings this has brought to all the communities FH helps in Guatemala.

Today, we spent all day in the community known as Seoguis.

I could tell you about the savings groups we attended, where women are taught to save money, invest in their own entrepreneurial ventures (think fabric embroidery and raising chickens for sale).

Or I could tell you about the Agriculture Meeting we attended, where we saw the gardens where women are being taught to grow broccoli, carrots, chard and many other vegetables (trust me, we swapped recipes).

Or I could tell you about the three hours Chris and I spent in a family’s home, the mother spending two and a half hours preparing a celebratory feast for us (truly from “farm to table”) ,while we played futbol and exchanged “te quieros” (“I love yous”) with the children in the yard.

But instead, for this moment, I want to instead tell you about someone.  Actually, two “someones,”  Tomasa and her daughter Maritza.

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