Loving like God intended

Often people visit Guatemala and focus on the things that they don’t have. 

Closets full of clothes.

Hot showers and warm beds.

An abundance of choices when it comes to what they are going to eat and drink.

But I can’t stop thinking about what they do have. 

These people have love.

The way the Guatemalans we’ve met on this trip love one another {and even virtual strangers} is something worth envying.

They are the kindest and most hospitable people I’ve ever encountered. Every house we have been in welcomed us with open arms. They cooked for us. They answered our myriad of questions. They posed for pictures.

But do you know what stood out the most?

How they laughed with {and sometimes at} us. How they unabashedly told us their hopes and their dreams. How they treated us like equals. How they so quickly found the things we have in common. How they felt comfortable enough to breastfeed in front of us and ask us uber personal questions. How they’ve been able to build deep connections quickly because shame and pride muddle their relationship the way they muddle ours.

I want to live like them. Actually that’s not accurate. I want to love like them. 

Without pride. 

Without shame. 

How God intended. 

I want my new friends to continue to see progress in their fight against chronic malnutrition. I want them to continue with the programs FH has begun to implement that are improving health and hygiene, empowering women to save and invest, and encouraging kids to stay in school.

For just $35 a month, you can help by sponsoring a child and beginning a relationship with a family that can help you learn how to love better.

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