Meeting my sponsored child in Guatemala

Jeremy Reis and his sponsored child, Denis.

Today was a special day.

When I woke up, I knew I was going to meet our (my wife and I) sponsored child, Denis! Even in that thought, it was about me. I’m going to meet our sponsored child.

Once the day started in Seoguis, Guatemala, I began to realize this day was going to be different than I expected. I was excited to learn my friends, Chris and Sarah, would be joining me and we would meet their sponsored child, Olga, as well.

We started at the school, interrupting the classes to meet the sponsored children.

 Meeting Olga

We took a long walk up to Olga’s house to meet her family.

Olga had bright eyes and quickly overcame her shyness. Especially after Sarah brought out the bubbles!

The family was very gracious. Olga’s dad is a woodcutter, similar to a lumberjack in the states. His brother owns a chainsaw, one of the few in the village. This is tough work, grueling and very dangerous.

Meeting my sponsored child, Denis

After Olga’s family served us a traditional Guatemalan meal, Domingo (Olga’s uncle and Denis’ father) led us up a hill to  his house. Olga and Denis are cousins. There, we met the rest of Denis’ family.

Domingo had a beautiful house, the nicest we had seen in the village. Denis was shy for our visit, but he drew a picture for our girls. We spent some time talking and sharing with the family. Then, we closed our time with me given the privilege to pray for Denis’ family.

Celebrating with the community

We returned to a community celebration of our visit! What an awesome reminder of how FH works in Seoguis: we focus on the children to transform the community. The community leaders explained the vision and mission for the community, asked us to share with the community, and spent time praying for us.

Afterward, we performed a dance processional and had a community meal.

A day that began about my visit with Denis, turned into a day spent in community with others. What a great reminder of how FH works. You can sponsor a child and impact his life, but the bigger impact is how your sponsorship supports the entire community.

About Jeremy Reis

Jeremy Reis is the Director of Digital Marketing for Food for the Hungry. He is the husband to Jennica and father of 6. Jeremy writes about how to disciple children into a loving and compassionate world view.

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