Where the education system stops…we start

This year, we will send our kids to school expecting them to learn. If they struggle or fall behind in class, we expect them to ask for help. We also expect our children’s teachers to notice their difficulties and assist them. Sometimes a student just needs a little extra support. Thankfully, most U.S. schools offer extra academic tutoring to students who need it.

But what if our schools weren’t capable of handling these situations?

Kenifer hard at work in class

Kenifer hard at work in class.

Kenifer’s school in the Dominican Republic was unable to help her when she struggled to learn. Kenifer had passed her first two years of school. By her third year, she was behind in subjects compared to other students in her class. She did not know how to read, and could hardly write.

She was afraid of failing the school year. She also felt terrified of being promoted to the next grade when she was already having such a hard time. The education system simply lacked the resources to support students who learned differently or not as quickly.

When Food for the Hungry recognized this deficiency in the DR education system, they started a literacy program for second to fifth grade students in the community. The literacy group met twice a week for six months, giving struggling students the opportunity to catch up on reading and writing skills.

Kenifer was selected to participate in the program, and upon completion, she is now confident in her ability to read and write.

In the literacy program, the students practiced with words and sentences that promote biblical values. Kenifer now loves to share her favorite phrase she learned from the class:

” Love God above all things, and when we love God he helps us learn all we need to know.”

Kenifer with her teacher

Kenifer with her teacher.

Kenifer and her teacher give all glory to God for the impressive results achieved through this program. Her teacher, a former sponsored child herself, attributes the students’ success to beginning each teaching session with prayer. With big dreams of becoming an engineer someday, Kenifer also hopes other students will be able to receive the same educational support that FH gave her.

By sponsoring a child, you can give opportunities to participate in programs like the literacy group. Plus, you give that child the invaluable support of knowing she has a sponsor who cares about her, believes in her and prays for her. Sponsorship gives a child the hope and the tools that it takes to overcome the obstacles she faces.

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Holly Martinez connects children from Food for the Hungry's child sponsorship program to caring sponsors like you . Her blog will give you a glimpse of the impact your sponsorship makes in the communities we serve. Holly loves adventuring with her husband and their puppy, sleeping in, learning and creating.

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