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She stood up out of her chair, and without warning, tears welled up in her eyes.

Photo by Jessica Taylor

“I wanted to go to school, but we could not afford it. Last year, FH gave me a scholarship and now I am studying to become a teacher.”

There were fresh flowers on the table and the smell from the pine needles on the floor was strong in the air. We were honored guests.

“My mother and father, they do not have jobs. They just take work wherever it is available. I will be able to work as a teacher every day and be able to make money for my family.”

We leaned forward and smiled as the translators explained what Rosalia was saying. She is 16 years old, and in the five years since Food for the Hungry arrived in Chioya, her family has been given a water filtration system and a new stove, as well as her academic scholarship.

She returned to her seat next to her mother, and I asked our translator if it would be appropriate to take the seat on the bench next to them while she composed herself. I put my hand on their backs. I struggled to find words that would be appropriate for that moment, but I had very few and that was okay.

I encouraged her to continue her studies.
I told her that teaching is an honorable profession and that she should be proud.
I told her we are thankful to know her and asked how I could pray for her.

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Raechel Myers is an FH blogger that began blogging at Finding My Feet just a few months after her daughter Evie Grace was stillborn at 32 weeks. Five years later, she still writes about family and faith, but with a degree in Housing and Environmental Design, she also loves to infuse her corner of the internet with fun DIY projects, sewing tutorials, and the occasional half marathon. Raechel is also a co-founder and writer at She and her husband Ryan live outside of Nashville with their two children.

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