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Blog post by FH blogger Darrell Vesterfelt

Hey guys. In case you didn’t already know, Ally and I are in Guatemala this week traveling with a group of bloggers and Food for the Hungry. It’s an opportunity for each of us to  meet the child we sponsor through FH, and also see the transformative work they’re doing in the communities here. We arrived safe and sound last night.

One of the things I love about Food for the Hungry, and the reason we sponsor a child through them, is they are very intentional about empowering the community to create and sustain lasting change. So by participating in what they’re doing, we’re not just throwing money at a problem. In Guatemala, one of the most pressing issues is chronic malnutrition among the children in Guatemala, but rather than just giving food to the families, FH is building relationships, offering education, and empowering communities to change.

I already knew this was a huge value for FH, but I was struck last night at dinner as our guide (an FH staff member in Guatemala) shared with us how she used to be a sponsored child herself, and how her life and her community was changed forever by the support and encouragement from her sponsor family. Now she is able to dedicate her life to doing the same for other children.

I loved seeing how this all came full-circle, and how the contribution I’m making really lasts forever.

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Darrell Vesterfelt is an FH blogger who is the founder of the Prodigal Press. He lives in Minneapolis with his wife Ally. He loves helping people discover the power of their story. Darrell is the original #unblogger.

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