The WHY in the reason we sponsor

Blog post by FH blogger Michelle Sarabia

It’s day four of the FHBloggers in Guatemala and each day seems to be more incredible from the previous.

Today, I had the honor of meeting mine and Jose’s sponsor child, Imelda, in her home.  Her sweet spirit is so beautiful.

Entering into the home, Imelda presented me with a shawl that was woven by her. It will be a gift that I will truly cherish and is more evidence to the hospitality of this beautiful culture.

This trip and these people have changed the way I look at things. I love being a part of something that is impacting a community as Seoguis.

Some of these pictures illustrate the WHY.  It’s not just because they may not have enough food or water or that their housing may be something that you and I are not use to, but it’s the smiles, the joy that are on these children’s faces. 

It’s a constant reminder of the mundane days of life, as you and I, as individuals, parents or spouses may endure, yet, we can think about a child in need, a child we can sponsor and think about that beautiful smile and realize my life is nothing to the one a child may endure.

When I met Imelda, so many thoughts went through my mind.  What does she think of me? This “gringo”, blonde hair, blue eyed girl in her home. Does she know she’s part of a larger family? Does she know that she’s loved and that God loves her so much?

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Michelle is an FH blogger who lives outside of Nashville, Tenn. with her husband of 15 years. Their home is filled with four teenagers and not a moment goes by when she realizes they’ll be adults soon. She has blogged at Beyond Brave for the last five years writing about moments that inspire, encourage and challenge her readers’ faith.

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