What it means to live with integrity

Photo by David Molnar

One of the things I love about Food for the Hungry (FH), is that it’s an organization that strives for integrity. So, it was especially meaningful for me start attending my very first Beth Moore Bible study in which we discussed integrity at great length.

I’ve been at it for two months now – and let me tell you – mind blown. Every week, we have about 20 pages of homework to read through. One of these pages addressed and challenged my own definition of integrity. It is my hope that this will challenge you as well.

I’ve always thought of integrity as it defines ethics. To be honest and truthful in ones words and actions. Beth Moore defined integrity as much more.

The Latin word for integrity literally means “entire.”

“When we become people of integrity, everything we are on the inside is obvious from the outside. Integrity is ‘the quality or state of being complete or undivided.’ Integrity not only calls us to live inside-out, it keeps the outside from coming in.”

One of my friends used to say, “Don’t do anything you wouldn’t do in front of your grandma.” While this made me giggle and a bit uncomfortable, now I get it. This is what it means to be integral. Consistency in your entire life. In these few short sentences from Beth Moore, I went from believing I was a woman of integrity to realizing how much room I have to grow.

I’ve been working for FH for five years now. I’ve spent much of my time in an office but I’ve traveled to nine of the countries FH works in to meet our staff in the field and hear the stories of those who have benefited from FH’s work. I’ve seen the stories written on our websites and newsletters come to life. I’ve witnessed the consistency and decided to sponsor a child through FH because of it.

If we believe that we are all children of God – do we treat all people as if they are our brothers and sisters? How many times have I preached the importance of having a global heart while wearing my t-shirt made by underpaid workers in horrible conditions? Obviously, we will constantly have areas of our life that are hard to reconcile, but being aware and striving to live with integrity has got to be a good start.

In what areas of you life do you struggle with consistency? Are you living with Integrity?

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I’m the girl that laughs at the “writers” who sit behind their Macs at a pretentious coffee shop trying to find inspiration... and then I laugh harder because I’m one of them. A coffee obsessed photographer, in love with God, people, and travel... but where I’m from, thats not original at all. Planted in Portland, Oregon growing in Phoenix, Arizona. I joined Food for the Hungry in 2008 because I love people. Photographing them, learning and sharing their stories and helping you to touch, taste, and smell their world... don’t worry... the smell's not that bad.

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