Giving Milagros Hope

A nurse talks to Milagros about her surgery.

A girl named Milagros was born with a severe cleft lip and palate in La Florida, Peru. The facial deformity made it difficult for her to eat and speak. With her lip showing an opening up to her nose, other children and adults were cruel to her.

Because she lived in extreme poverty, surgery was not an option. She lived in sorrow knowing she was different in a way that kept her lonely and unable to speak clearly.

Learning About God’s Love

When Milagros joined Food for the Hungry (FH) activities, FH staff hearts melted in compassion for Milagros. Milagros learned of God’s unconditional love for her even if many others offered only rejection.

As Milagros grew in her knowledge of God’s love, FH staff explored opportunities for getting corrective surgeries for her. At the time, there were no funds available, so Milagros lived with the deformity.

Then an FH donor started the HEART fund. This is a special fund to serve children with critical and special medical needs.

Through a partnership with FH’s HEART fund and the Rotaplast (American doctors that provide free services to correct cleft lip and palate cases), Milagros got the corrective surgery she needed this past June.

A New Start

FH staff organized tests with a hospital in Lima. These tests were presented to the doctors at Rotaplast. Not long after, Milagros went in for surgery to receive alveolar grafting.

Her surgery was successful. In July, she started receiving speech therapy from the hospital. Now, Milagros is starting her life as a young adult educated, healthy and with a new ability to communicate with people.

Hope for the Future

Milagros’ mother said she is very thankful to FH for not forgetting about her child’s pain and suffering. She is thankful FH staff never stopped looking for options to help correct Milagros’ cleft lip and palate. She also thanks God for His provision of this surgery.

We thank you, our partners, for being a part of our work through child sponsorship. Without you, there wouldn’t be anyone looking out for the Milagros in the poor communities of the world. Thank you for partnering with FH.

About Renee Targos

Renee is a former journalist and editor for national arts and business publications. As a writer for Food for the Hungry, Renee explores and reports on the work and relationships of partners, FH staff and impoverished communities.

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