Westgate Mall: Being a Light in Nairobi

The tragic terrorist attack on Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya, is yet another reminder of the evil that permeates our world. Yet, it is another reason for why our resolve toward grace and compassion must be stronger.

History has shown that some of the greatest battles against evil and injustice have been won through the disarming power of kindness and compassion. Some of the best weapons at our disposal when fighting the darkness of this world are acts of unrequited love.

When terrible events such as those in the Westgate mall occur, it easy to quickly respond with rage and anger. Such emotions would be justified in the face of indiscriminate terror. But at FH, we see it as a reason to work harder.

We acknowledge that a secondary effect of our work around the world is that people learn to love each other better. To care for one another. And to acknowledge that each person is made in the image of God.

We do this by providing tools, ideas and resources so that a community can meet its most pressing needs. Our primary calling is to end poverty. But we realize that as we implement smart ideas to help the most vulnerable, we might be inevitably combating the ideas and worldviews that seek destruction rather than restoration.

Love overcomes evil

We are not naïve to the rationale for why extremist groups resort to acts of terror. If anything, we need to understand it more by virtue of the places we work. But FH whole-heartedly believes that God is calling us to walk with communities, so that they may thrive in all aspects of life… physically, economically, socially and spiritually. And in so doing we – and people like you who partner with us – are fighting back the forces of evil in this world.

May the people of Kenya experience peace and joy, and thus defeat these acts of terror.

About David Curtis

David is passionate about two things: Walking with the poor, and the New England Patriots. His interest in understanding and advocating for the poor began while spending the summer in rural South Africa, where he worked alongside a fellow 19 year old at an orphanage. The juxtaposition of life as a privileged American, with that of a determined yet struggling friend and peer from the Global South, began the trajectory of a calling to walk with the poor. Since then he has spent time working in South Africa, Indonesia and Haiti. David graduated from Calvin College as a Social Studies Teacher, combining a passion to teach with that of learning. A potent combination that strives to bring "Mutual Transformation" to the world. Go Pats!

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