Having a Big, Beautiful Cow

Agustin feeding his cow.

The path to better nutrition started with beautiful Bolivian cows.

For Agustin, age 53, he started growing a variety of 100 percent organic crops, earning income and feeding his children.

And his cows helped him—producing manure to improve the soil for stronger plants.

The cows also produced milk that the family sold for income and used to drink and make food to eat.


Having a Cow

Before the cows, his six children didn’t do well in school.

Agustin traveled around looking for work in Bolivia, so he could feed his children. He felt determined to keep them in school, but he could see his efforts failing. If his children ate, it was potatoes. His wife and all of his children were malnourished.

“It seemed that my children could not study or understand what they were taught, perhaps for lack of food, something seemed to be missing,” said Agustin.

Now, Agustin’s children and wife are doing better.

“Since I have cows, I improved feeding my children (now they are stronger), now are good students in school. What probably helps them is that every day they are drinking milk and eating yogurt, cheese,” said Agustin. “Now we also have higher monthly income by the sale of the milk and agricultural products we produce.”

Hard Soil Turned Soft

Luisa showing her fields of crops.

Living in the Yoroca community, life used to be hard. There wasn’t any water for irrigation. The soil was hard and infertile.

Agustin couldn’t remember a generation of his family that wasn’t struggling with getting food or an education. He fought to make life better for his children, but he could see his dreams dying.

When Food for the Hungry (FH) started working in his community, several problem areas were addressed. Irrigation systems were created. FH staff taught farming practices to diversify crops for better nutrition. He also learned to raise livestock, like cows, so he could produce milk for his family and to sell for income.

Giving Cows

Now, he loves his cows. He and his wife, Luisa, work tirelessly to keep the cows well fed. As the cows produce manure, Agustin uses it in his fields to grow wheat, potatoes and other vegetables that he sells at a local distribution center.

Giving a cow to a struggling family can make such a difference…in health, growing food and feeding children. Think about giving a cow to a family today. Or think about sharing the cost of a cow with others. You’ll make a huge difference in a family’s life.

About Renee Targos

Renee is a former journalist and editor for national arts and business publications. As a writer for Food for the Hungry, Renee explores and reports on the work and relationships of partners, FH staff and impoverished communities.

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