Change Your Tune

Fall always brings change.

A change in the leaves, the weather…a change in what we eat. And, for some, even a change in being an ally toward one sports team versus another.

It is also an opportunity for Christian artists and speakers to encourage their audiences to have a change of heart.

Instruments of Change

Food for the Hungry fall tours normally start in the late weeks of September, and with that brings a time to launch new stories and ideas about FH’s work – sharing this information with floods of audience members across the nation.

The Nashville office bustles every January and August with tour preparation for the months ahead…creating dynamic appeals for artists to present on stage. This encompasses nights of passion-led music and worship hoping to connect with every crowd.

Inevitably hearts are tugged and people embrace the ushering in of a new sponsored child as a part of their family. When a child is sponsored, not only will that child be given access to fundamental resources and a vital education, but he or she now has a new relationship. That child has a connection and bond with someone walking alongside on his or her journey.

Simply, sponsored children are not alone. And none of us are ever alone when we live as spiritual instruments in others’ lives.

Spreading New Life

This is what Food for the Hungry artists and speakers deliver at each event. With stories of FH’s work, artists and speakers give audience members an opportunity to partner with FH to do the Lord’s work. When audiences learn how they can make an impact, this instigates change—and change creates an environment for fresh ideas, shared experiences and new life lived together.

Ultimately, not only is the child sponsored and the sponsor impacted, but the artists and speakers also walk away with an inspiring experience of spreading new life, too.

Artist Tracy Chapman beautifully reminds us:

“If you knew that you would die today
If you saw the face of God and love
Would you change?

What chain reaction
What cause and effect
Makes you turn around…
…Makes you change.”

This is what Food for the Hungry embodies. Connection. Empowerment. Change. It can be one choice that brings a lifelong impact.  Would you change?

About Bronwen Dunn

Bronwen Dunn is the Artist Program Office Coordinator for Food for the Hungry. Born in Orlando, Fla., raised in Texas, and a graduate of the Univ. of Georgia, Bronwen now resides in Nashville serving Christian artists and speakers in their goal to inspire others to sponsor children through FH. Bronwen is a coffee-drinking traveler that loves fashion, photography and anything around the water. She is a former international missionary and current triathlete. She’s been with FH for two years and continues to experience the great scope of FH’s work every day.

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