I Love My Family

Former Miss World Guatemala 2012, Monique Aparicio now serves vulnerable children with her FH family.

Former Miss World Guatemala 2012, Monique Aparicio discovered a passion for helping impoverished families. She shares her story (in her own words) on how she now works with her FH family.


The first time I visited a Guatemalan village—it was heartbreaking. I experienced the disheartening scene of a life full of poverty, and people who lacked hope in their eyes.

I got upset, because I thought these impoverished people did not have the courage to change their situation. I found myself many times thinking, “There is no solution for my country.”

FH Introduced Hope

The first time I heard of Food for the Hungry, they captured my attention. FH staff explained with passion and commitment about the service they provided to the most vulnerable people of Guatemala.

I was intrigued when they said the poor people from the villages had a richness in their dreams and ideas.  My experience was so different when I visited a village the first time, so I decided to go again.

I went to Quiché, Guatemala, with FH staff. We first visited one of the poorest homes that I had ever seen in my life.

Everyone has Purpose

The family was a father, three girls and one boy. All of the children were less than 10 years old. Mr. Pedro’s wife passed away during child birth, so he was alone in raising the children.

Maria, who was 9 years old then, took the role as mother for her siblings. When we arrived, Maria was sweeping and cooking for her family.

When Mr. Pedro came home, he explained to us some of his favorite things to do. One of the things he liked to do was play guitar for the church worship group. I asked if he would play a song for me and smiling, he gratefully accepted.

During this moment I realized the potential of these people and the opportunity that was in my country. I saw the beauty that the purpose of God reflected in the life of each person in this world. I then understood FH’s vision and mission.

I was touched by God through through FH, which changed my perception and view of the people of my country. I now dedicate my time to FH. FH is my family, and I love my family. Please join our family in helping others.

About Monique Aparicio

I’m a Guatemalan girl who is in love with life, grateful for each morning, seizing every moment and truly inspire for every kind smile. I want to share with you the stories about every hidden treasure in my journey with Food for the Hungry Guatemala. I hope you come with me and enjoy the ride…..

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