Uganda: Sponsored Child Gets Special Visit

Robin, a Food for the Hungry (FH) child sponsor, recently traveled to Uganda to meet Abraham.

He was the little boy who was her sponsored child and who had written to her for the past year. She’d been writing him, too.

They were finally going to meet.

She described their introduction like this:

“I… was greeted by a group of children on the slope of the hill… and they started pushing forward a little boy with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen…  Abraham began running down the slope, and I began running, too. We met halfway, and he threw his arms around me, then extended his hand to lead me to his house. My eyes and my heart were both full as I took his little hand and went up to meet his family. Abraham had invited at least 10 other children besides his sister to meet me, and everyone was smiling and giggling the whole time.”

This sweet and exuberant meeting illustrates the impact of child sponsorship. It not only affects the two people directly involved, but also the families and communities of both the sponsor and the sponsored child.

Abraham and Robin met in Uganda.

Child sponsorship isn’t just between two people. It is a mutually transformative relationship that impacts and transforms both parties with love and encouragement spilling out on those around them.

Abraham’s friends and family felt just as excited as he was to share their community and lives with Robin.  Robin embraced all of them without hesitation.

The mutual transformation that is occurring between Robin and Abraham is an excellent example of the power of hope, communication and reaching out. But just as child sponsorship is impacting lives by cultivating meaningful relationships—it is also significantly changing the lives of children and their families by meeting other crucial needs.

Robin expressed her increased support for child sponsorship after seeing FH’s work in his life and community.

“He is healthy, well-fed, educated, and most of all, he loves Jesus with all his heart,” Robin said. 

And that is what we at Food for the Hungry and our child sponsors are all about.

If, like Robin, you are excited about what Food for the Hungry is doing in the lives of children like Abraham, consider partnering with us as a child sponsor! Together, we can change lives and see our own lives transformed as well.

About Kathryn Szabo

Kathryn Szabo seeks to align her life with truth, grace and freedom. She feels called to action by a deep desire to love the unloved. Her work at FH focuses on welcoming new sponsors to the child sponsorship program and printing lots of mail. She loves her husband, kitten and farmer’s markets, too.

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