World Food Day Celebrated with Thanks


Growing up in rural Nebraska, I was literally surrounded by food.  Fields of golden corn, soybeans, wheat and grains lined the highways.  Roll down the window of your car and you’ll likely be greeted by the gritty smells of grazing cattle and squirming piglets.  Yet, even with these “caloric” surroundings, I never really thought much about food.  You might even say I took food for granted.

Having gained some wisdom and experience, I now look at my dinner plate, and I’m astounded by the grace before me.  Wholesome food does not automatically appear, but is the result of faithful labor by farmers and the indescribable work of God.

Somehow the combination of tiny seeds, adequate water, nutrient rich soil and the glowing warmth of a ball of exploding gas located millions of miles away (a.k.a.: the sun) allows delicious broccoli (my veggie of choice) to grow. Amazing!  Not only does this food give us energy for the day, but God has designed food to taste good!

Giving Grace

However, for many families in the developing world, food is a daily struggle.  Droughts, wars, civil conflicts, poor education and disasters have reduced the ability for people to grow food and protect their harvest.  Food for the Hungry (FH) seeks to walk alongside these communities to provide appropriate help.

This assistance includes sharing agricultural best practices, introduction of cash crops, nutritious food preparation methods and improved irrigation strategies.  These people work so incredibly hard, and we want to help improve the effectiveness of their labor.

Agriculture Projects in Guatemala

How Jesus Might have Celebrated World Food Day

In the midst of delivering life-satisfying spiritual nourishment, Jesus also recognized the importance of physical food.  In Matthew 14, we observe Jesus teaching and healing people in a desolate location.

The epic day had come to a close, and as you know, nothing stirs up hunger like a good sermon.  The people were famished, but options were very limited.  The disciples wanted to send the people away to find food, but in this cultural context, that would have been a very dangerous task.  And unfortunately, the local Galilean Pizza Hut stopped delivering pizzas at 8 p.m.

Jesus steps in, prays over the humble rations, and the disciples begin to watch how the fish and bread multiply.  Thousands of people are fed.  Not just “appetizer style” fed, we are talking “loosen your tunic belt” satisfied.  People were even taking the leftovers home in doggie bags!

Jesus could have easily performed a miracle and caused their hunger to disappear.  But he opted to physically multiply the food, so the people could enjoy the fellowship of this miraculous meal.

Agricultural projects in Mozambique

Agricultural projects in Mozambique

Thankful and Respond

So today, I encourage you to be thankful for your daily bread.  Sing God’s praises for the sweet tasting fruits and scrumptious vegetables that He has provided for you.  I also encourage you to pray for parents that are struggling to provide food for their family.

I invite you to partner with FH as we seek to equip communities with the tools they need to grow food and provide for their families.  The gift catalog has creative ways to give essential tools to families that are ready to steward the land that God has given them.

About Joshua Kienzle

Redeemed by grace and always the optimist, Josh loves to savor the simple things of each day. While we wait and watch for the extraordinary, amazing people and events are passing before us all the time. Traveling through 38 countries has taught Josh to keep his eyes open; you never know when something special is about to happen. Josh and his beautiful wife Carrisa have two children, Caleb and Evangeline, and love the adventure of parenting. Always a student, Josh is currently continuing his studies at Phoenix Seminary.

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