Be the “thank you” in a child’s life

My 9-year-old sponsored child that I met in Guatemala.

Watching leaves fall from a tree is magical.

It displays a canvas of bold colors mixing together like splatter paint as each one gently collides with another and floats softly to the ground.

The shedding of trees also brings a finish to the harvest; a time of great work, growth, and wealth. This is nature’s way of surrender.

It gives way for encompassing quietness, a time of rest, and for a calming peace to enter our hearts. Upon this time, we can only be left with gratitude.

However, this time of year we are also bombarded with concepts, mottos, jingles, and even billboard-size signs of what thankfulness looks like to the whole human race.

The reason: to highlight thankfulness because of celebrating a national holiday instead of giving thanks to the ordinary, the small things, life’s truly impeccable treasures.

November should be about meaning. The meaning that people in our lives help mold where we have come from, who we are, and who we are becoming.

It isn’t just the parades, the sales at stores, and the enormous feasts that embody this time. It is also a time to reflect on the people that have walked alongside us on the normal days and prayed through life with us on the most crippling days, too.

My sponsored child's classroom in Guatemala.

Being a part of someone’s life either big or small is significant whether it is a close family member or a child in a village thousands of miles away. The meaning is the same and sacrificial.

Because it is when the husbands, mothers, daughters, brothers, even children far away prayerfully exclaim, “Thank you,” to their great Maker for your impact in their life that gratitude meets the radical splendor of His great love.

So stop and watch the leaves. Choose to be the “thank you” in a child’s life through child sponsorship or helping kids go to school. And, be filled with peace and gratitude today.

About Bronwen Dunn

Bronwen Dunn is the Artist Program Office Coordinator for Food for the Hungry. Born in Orlando, Fla., raised in Texas, and a graduate of the Univ. of Georgia, Bronwen now resides in Nashville serving Christian artists and speakers in their goal to inspire others to sponsor children through FH. Bronwen is a coffee-drinking traveler that loves fashion, photography and anything around the water. She is a former international missionary and current triathlete. She’s been with FH for two years and continues to experience the great scope of FH’s work every day.

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