Update: Nicaragua Dengue Fever Spreading

Early this week, I visited Nueva Segovia where the Nicaragua dengue fever epidemic is spreading.

As the FH/Nicaragua Country Director, I’m helping to coordinate FH’s work with the Ministry of Health’s (MINSA) efforts to contain the spread of this disease.

I was overwhelmed to witness so many patients including pregnant women, adolescents, children and infants at hospitals and health posts being treated for dengue fever.

In the past week (November 5), there were 160 new dengue cases and more than 1,300 hospitalized patients with suspected dengue infection, including 51 in serious condition.

Working Around the Clock

FH is helping to support MINSA field staff. They have their hands full moving hospital beds to hallways, patios and putting up beds to take care of patients.

Hospital rooms went to patients going into shock due to high fever, vomiting, intense pain, disorientation and overall poor physical condition.

MINSA regional and field staff worked double shifts to take care of patients, monitoring the situation and supporting neighboring health posts with a high amount of dengue cases.

Supporting the Effort

Despite FH and MINSA’s joint efforts, dengue cases are still increasing and more resources are needed to complement the government’s efforts to contain this epidemic.

Several areas still need fumigation to reduce the amount of mosquitoes carrying the disease.


FH is working alongside MINSA’s efforts by providing:

  • Fuel – diesel and gasoline – for mobilization and fumigation
  • Treated bed nets
  • Medical equipment, like catheters, infusion pumps, vital signs monitors, nasal masks, pediatric laryngoscopes and more
  • Fumigation supplies (insecticide/machines)
  • Others medical supplies per MINSA’s priority list

To increase dengue awareness nationwide, FH will support NicaSalud mass media campaign on dengue prevention and treatment.

Dengue fever can be contained if we work together! Please pray for us and support FH in helping Nicaraguans suffering from dengue fever.

Blog written by FH/Nicaragua Country Director Ervin Leiva.

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