The Wonder of Partnerships

Let’s think a minute about the wonder of partnerships. It’s through partnerships that great works can be done.

Such as Food for the Hungry’s (FH) partnership with the Integral Alliance – which is a group of 19 Christian relief and development organizations coming together to provide more effective responses, like in helping Typhoon Haiyan survivors in the Philippines. Together, we can achieve more.

Another great partnership is between FH and Water Missions International in providing clean water to Filipinos. Water Missions International is a Christian non-profit engineering organization that works to provide clean water and sanitation for people in developing countries and during disasters.

In our relief response in the Philippines, providing clean water is one of our priorities, as well as food and shelter.  Together, with our donors, and Water Missions International, we are providing two Living Water™ Treatment Systems to communities destroyed by the typhoon. 

The water system treats contaminated ground and surface water by removing pathogens, cleaning as much as 10,000 gallons a day. It’s portable. Can be set up and working in hours. And can provide clean, drinkable water for 3,000 people.

Right now, FH staff there are visiting and reporting community after community are 100 percent destroyed. This means all the plumbing, access to water, food and shelter are gone.

In one community, on top of losing all of their homes and food, people started getting sick from waterborne illnesses. Imagine losing a loved one, your home and entire community…and then having to deal with stomach pain, diarrhea, weakness and feeling sick.

Peter Howard, FH’s Director of Emergency Response says, “Natural disasters like this destroy not only people’s homes but also their water supplies. The dirty water is especially life-threatening for children. FH is responding to this need for clean water by partnering to bring clean water filters together with good hygiene practices into the communities devastated by the typhoon. The clean water provided brings real hope and helps keep the families and communities healthy so they can focus on rebuilding their lives.”

With the great response we’re getting from people like you, we’ve been able to provide water and food distributions with 16,000 pounds of rice, 8,000 cans of sardines and 8,000 packages of noodles. Another food distribution happens this week. Soon we’ll have these water treatment systems in communities that need them.

Thank you for helping the typhoon survivors in the Philippines. You are truly saving lives by getting them the food, water and shelter they need today.

About Tim Smith

Tim Smith has more than 35 years of experience with non-profit organizations in administration, management and fund development. Smith has advised numerous NPO's in leadership, organization and major funding development. He is widely recognized as a leading authority in these fields. His book, "Donors Are People Too" is required reading for many NPO's committed to a ministry-based philosophy when developing a major funding program.Currently, he serves as Chief Development Officer for Food for the Hungry in Phoenix, Ariz.

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