‘Tis the Season at Your Church

Barbara, one of FH's staff, is holding our brand new "Hope" star - a tree topper included with every Hope Tree box.

We’re buzzing with excitement in the halls of Food for the Hungry’s (FH) Global Service Center in Phoenix. For months I’ve been telling you about Hope Tree, and this week it’s all coming together!

Today, I’m sharing photos of just a few of my many hardworking co-workers who made our brand new Hope Tree materials possible.

What’s a Hope Tree?

Hope Tree
is a unique way that your church can worship Christ at Christmas by responding to the needs of children living in poverty.

When your church hosts a Hope Tree, we’ll send you tree decorations, child sponsorship packets with hooks for hanging on the boughs, slides to show during your Sunday morning announcements, and more. You just provide the Christmas tree and a response table.

The Making of a Movement

Ryan, another one of FH's staff, managed the Hope Tree project from start to finish. He's holding child sponsorship packets and a CD full of videos and other Hope Tree media.

Back in June, when the summer heat in Phoenix was topping 100 degrees Fahrenheit, our staff began thinking about—of all things—Christmas! We set to work developing materials for this year’s Hope Tree: postcards to send to churches, web pages to share the story, and even buttons for church volunteers to wear at response tables.

We considered every need that a church would have in hosting a Hope Tree, because we didn’t want anything to get in the way of finding sponsors for vulnerable children around the world.


One of FH's graphic designers, Kristine, created our beautiful Hope Tree materials including posters, slides, buttons for volunteers and more!

The Movement Takes Off

Five months ago, FH Church Engagement staff, Heidi, began praying for churches who would host a Hope Tree this year! Today, she's packing boxes to send off to those churches.

Churches all over the United States have ordered their Hope Tree boxes, but we still have a box reserved for your church. Will you join us in offering child sponsorship to your congregation this Christmas season? Order by November 18 to ensure delivery before Advent begins.

Your Hope Tree box will include:

  • Child sponsorship packets (from around the world or a country of your choice)
  • Ribbons and a gorgeous tree topper for decoration
  •  Buttons for staff and volunteers to wear
  • CD with videos, printable posters, and slides for your church service
  • Full how-to guide

You just provide the Christmas tree and volunteers at your church’s weekend services during December.

Order your Hope Tree box today!


About Wendy McMahan

Wendy McMahan is grateful for her front row seat in watching God “reconcile all things to Himself.” (Colossians 1:20) She still can’t believe that she gets to participate in His story every day. Wendy and her husband are proud parents to two daughters and have been foster parents to children of all ages. Wendy serves as Director of Church Engagement at Food for the Hungry. She hosts the Poverty Unlocked podcast.

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