12 Days of Christmas: Faithfulness

(photo by Steve A. Johnson http://www.flickr.com/photos/artbystevejohnson/)

Faithfulness is a defining character that God always looks for in His people.

Knowing this helps me take periodic stops from the busyness of life and ask myself these questions:

Does God find me faithful?

Do I have the kind of faith that pleases Him?

Can God trust me with His mission?

I can get very enthusiastic about celebrating Christmas. Many people do. Year after year, we spend a good amount of time and money putting up the Christmas tree, buying gifts for friends and family, and showing off our best holiday recipes.

Sadly, the true meaning of Christmas can get blurry in the glitter of lights and fancy dinner parties.

“So, what’s the big fuss about Christmas?” My neighbor asked as he watched me hang a Christmas wreath on my front door.

My neighbor was a nice person who believed that Jesus was also a really nice guy. Initially, I just wanted to give him a nice answer. Just to be cool, you know. Then I realized God had given me a special moment, an opportunity for me to be faithful to the truth.

The Bible tells us in 2 Chronicles 16:9 (NIV) that:

the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to Him.”

Perhaps you, too, are surrounded by friends and loved ones who are trying to make sense of Christmas. Could it be that God wants to do something great through you? I trust you’d be faithful to give those who ask the reason for the hope that you have.

Speaking of hope, I would like you to meet Pierre and Paul, two brothers from Haiti. You can find their story in Food for the Hungry’s (FH) 12 Days of Christmas children’s e-book, which I urge you to read to the little boys and girls in your family. These young siblings have nothing but hope. But, as we all know, it’s the one gift no one can live without.

FH began working in Haiti in early 2000. Every day since, we hear about families and children making a commitment to trust Jesus.

So let’s continue to pray for our staff in Haiti and around the world. Their faithfulness to God’s calling gives many people in desperate communities a great reason to celebrate this joyful season.

Blog by Rez Gopez-Sindac, a writer covering faith and development. She lives in Austin, Texas, with her family.

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