My Favorite Superheroes

Monique Aparicio and Erick Rosendo in a classroom

My favorite superheroes are people that are kind to every single human being, especially to children. They give their hands, their time and the best of them to those who need it the most. They have a lot of fans, but they are not famous.

They are so strong that they can walk for hours to the farthest places even if it’s raining—and the road is full of mud and slippery. They do it, because they know that the people in the rural areas of Guatemala are worth it.

One of their favorite things to do is teaching about God’s love to the children at school. How He is in control of everything and everyone. How He trusts us so much that He gave us this land and natural resources to take care of—and how these provisions provide for us.

For society, they are social workers. For me, they are superheroes—the real ones.

When I saw this picture that was taken two months ago at the community of Seoguis in Alta Verapaz in Guatemala, I discovered this Food for the Hungry (FH) social worker’s true identity.

At first, I couldn’t stop laughing about myself, because actually this was my superhero flash pajama t-shirt (all the other ones were so dirty that day, so I had to wear this one.) Then, I saw the t-shirt that Erick Rosendo, one of FH social workers, was wearing.

It was his Food for the Hungry shirt.

He wasn’t only wearing it, he was doing our Food for the Hungry mission (walking with churches, leaders and families in overcoming all forms of human poverty by living in healthy relationship with God and His creation). He lives this mission out every day since he started working for FH five years ago. For me that is a real superhero.

Let’s help these superheroes to make Guatemala and other countries a better place for children. Please pray about sponsoring a child today! That child could be the next superhero.

This blog is written by Monique Aparicio, who works with Food for the Hungry in Guatemala as a communications coordinator. As former Miss World Guatemala 2012, she started working with FH as a volunteer and came on staff to fulfill her passion to help children.

About Monique Aparicio

I’m a Guatemalan girl who is in love with life, grateful for each morning, seizing every moment and truly inspire for every kind smile. I want to share with you the stories about every hidden treasure in my journey with Food for the Hungry Guatemala. I hope you come with me and enjoy the ride…..

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