‘Tis the Season … for Gaming Consoles Shopping?

It could be a Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow Blaster, an Ipod Touch, a Kindle Fire or Cuisinart Hand Blender—everyone has a top item on their Christmas shopping wish list this year.

Many waited in long lines, crowded stores or searched online on Black Friday to purchase an item. We put so much effort into acquiring these items for someone special, because he or she really wants it or it will bring that person so much joy.

For the most part, in the United States, gifts consist of items we would like to have, want or desire. Rarely, are these gifts something we need for basic living.

However, in other parts of the world, there aren’t tons of boxes wrapped in shiny paper with pretty bows. There aren’t lights lining windows or ornately decorated trees. In some areas, there isn’t even a Christmas tree at all.

This reminds me so vividly of the spirit of Cindy Lou in the animated film, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”

No matter how many gifts and things were put in front of her or used to try to distract her, her heart remained focused on the true heart of Christmas—the love we share for each other in celebration with the birth of the King.

Preparing and sharing love for others through gifts is a great reflection of Christ’s love. However, it does not include pushing, trampling and rude commentary that commonly accompanies shopping situations when we put such great weight on a particular item to make our Christmas complete.

See, Christmas is already complete. It has purpose before any present is ever purchased. It’s a time of celebration—great celebration.

We are only called to sing triumphantly, celebrate joyously, and love abundantly to those near and far. Love is giving in a time of need, this Christmas remember the ones that do not have the pretty packages, lights or even the tree.

For ‘tis the season to spend less on things and spend more time celebrating the greatest love of all.

About Bronwen Dunn

Bronwen Dunn is the Artist Program Office Coordinator for Food for the Hungry. Born in Orlando, Fla., raised in Texas, and a graduate of the Univ. of Georgia, Bronwen now resides in Nashville serving Christian artists and speakers in their goal to inspire others to sponsor children through FH. Bronwen is a coffee-drinking traveler that loves fashion, photography and anything around the water. She is a former international missionary and current triathlete. She’s been with FH for two years and continues to experience the great scope of FH’s work every day.

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