3 Important Lessons for a New Year

In 2014, may you spread your wings and fly.

A new year has begun. It is time for us to continue working for our dreams and goals for the future.  We need to keep being strong during the hard times and be thankful for the good times.

In 2013, I learned three important lessons that will guide me in 2014, and probably for the rest of my life.

1. I learned to be thankful for each and every day of my life. Each day is never coming back again and maybe that day is going to be “the day” that you could do something so meaningful that it could change the world.

2. I learned to find peace by enjoying every moment, because that moment will become a memory that I will treasure forever.

3. But the most important thing I learned in 2013 is learning to fly even if you don’t have wings. Imagination can take you to the most wonderful places. It can help you to make the impossible become possible—even if the odds are against you.

These wise lessons came from people that never stop surprising or amazing me.

Most people described them as the poor. I described them as the faithful, happiest and kindest ones. They are the reason I believe in my country, Guatemala. Because they show me how to believe in myself and appreciate my life, even if the odds are against me.

Food for the Hungry (FH) also believes in the people who have many odds against them. By working with people living in poverty, FH helps them to put what they imagine into a reality.

You can make your dreams a reality, too.

That is my prayer for you in 2014…to find joy, happiness and faith in every moment in your life, even when you feel that it is impossible, to  remember to spread your wings and fly.

About Monique Aparicio

I’m a Guatemalan girl who is in love with life, grateful for each morning, seizing every moment and truly inspire for every kind smile. I want to share with you the stories about every hidden treasure in my journey with Food for the Hungry Guatemala. I hope you come with me and enjoy the ride…..

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