Peace on Earth

Another year has come and gone.

However, it seems every year I am still completely dumbfounded that another whole year has passed by in front of me. And it is just about this time that most of us carry empty tanks, too.

There are all sorts of things to mark the year: marriages, births, deaths, old/new jobs, old/new homes, and old/new friends and with each one we walk away with new heartbeats.

Although, all things are vital pieces of our intricately manufactured, God-customed life, it is these small fragments that daily shape our very being. And with that, I know, that each piece is intricately necessary, the good, the bad, and the ever so ugly.

We all have them, we learn from each of them, but most importantly we can communally embrace and share in all things life brings.

This world is really over-flowing with joy and happiness. Sometimes joy is so blatantly obvious and other times it is more subtle, reserved and mysterious – but still there nonetheless.

We are always hungry to experience and love more, hungry to seek more with every encounter, and hungry to discern all things around us. I am abundantly hungry.

Some things in my life are so easy to hand over to God and let go of, while others I continually struggle with and have to work to hand them over each day. However, this Christmas, my hunger was fed by keeping God as a constant foundation through each seasonal experience delivering gifts of the heart: joy and peace.

We have access to these God’s love 24 hours a day – and for me, it is often found in the smallest things.

With peace in our heart, it gives us the tools to take a giant leap and move forward refueled for a new year continuing to live in the wellspring of God’s gifts in each new experience. It’s a time that we can make a difference.

What will your heart capture in the next 365 days?

About Bronwen Dunn

Bronwen Dunn is the Artist Program Office Coordinator for Food for the Hungry. Born in Orlando, Fla., raised in Texas, and a graduate of the Univ. of Georgia, Bronwen now resides in Nashville serving Christian artists and speakers in their goal to inspire others to sponsor children through FH. Bronwen is a coffee-drinking traveler that loves fashion, photography and anything around the water. She is a former international missionary and current triathlete. She’s been with FH for two years and continues to experience the great scope of FH’s work every day.

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