Tips For Writing to Your Sponsored Child

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I love getting mail – and so does a sponsored child. When I get cards or letters, I can’t wait to get home and open them—but most of the time, I open them right away.

Letters are so personal to me. It means someone has taken a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle of life just to write to me.

Although I have not visited a Food for the Hungry (FH) community personally, I can only imagine how each child eagerly awaits for a letter from their sponsor.

I am sure that the minute they see an FH staff member, they wonder (like I do when I see the mailman), “Please, Mr. Postman, look and see, is there a letter in your bag for me?”

Letters help to build a relationship with your sponsored child and show that child how much he or she truly matters in this big world.

In many of the communities we serve, education is often not valued. Many times the encouragement a child receives from their sponsor will be what drives him or her to continue in school and to accomplish more.

Starting Your Letter

Working in FH’s customer service center, I have spoken to many sponsors who are having a hard time writing to the child they are sponsoring. Getting a letter started can be difficult.

What do you say to someone, when all you have is a few pieces of basic information, and it seems like you have very little in common?

Start by simply introducing yourself and ask some questions.

Ask questions about your child’s family and tell them about your’s. Ask them about their surroundings and things they like to do. Ask them what their dreams are.

Then build upon their answers and share about yourself. You will start to see that you have more in common than you think.

Alternative Ideas

If you still have a hard time writing to your sponsored child, share a Bible story and send them a coloring page from a Bible coloring book (Tip: You can find these at dollar stores and send one page with along with each story you share).

Sending small note cards with words of encouragement and just letting your child know that you are praying for them can go a long way (Tip: Making note cards is a great project to do with children, too!)

If you have children get them involved in your sponsorship. It’s a great opportunity to teach them to reach out to someone in a different part of the world!

You Make a Difference

I have spoken to sponsors who have never written to their sponsored child and feel terrible that they have not written. I always tell them anytime is a good time to write.

Your sponsored child is eager to hear from you. When you let them know that you are hoping and praying for them – it will change their lives.

Your letters are reread by your sponsored child over and over. They are treasured items that the children will keep and look at whenever they need an extra boost of confidence.

Writing to your sponsored child will take your sponsorship experience to another level – just start writing and see. You will never regret that you did.

About Sandy Estrada

I love working for FH! I feel so blessed to be part of such an amazing organization and an equally amazing team. I have been married for almost eight years, and have three amazing boys who light up my world. God has shown me His faithfulness in so many ways, and I truly believe that only with God are all things are possible.

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