Lyrical Theology

Johnnyswim, musical artists that work with FH.

Nashville bleeds with musicians and people desperately desiring to be rock stars. Music is a primary cultural piece of this city.

However, it is not necessarily the sold-out packed concerts that strike a tune in my life.

Instead, the faint lyrics interwoven into my everyday episodes that display the most remarkable soundtracks.

Local artist Derek Webb exclaims…

To the one who’s broken, the one who’s lost,
and waiting for some comfort
wisdom speaks in the darkest parts, but few can understand it
she gives and she takes it away
the sun and the moon, the sky and the rain
her love is just the same.

This has heart. This has life. Music has a magical intention to pull you in and stretch you beyond limits all at the same time.

It continues to mold and shape my daily routine, keeping things new and unpredictable, forcing me to question and deliberate with my soul. Life without music leaves a wide void of true emotion and meaning.

I have the true joy of walking in it each day with my profession marrying the heart of Food for the Hungry (FH) and artists striving to conduct a lyrical theology to audiences around the world. I get to experience this connection in many lives and with that gather an infinite amount of truth, understanding and wisdom in return.

For me, music is one thing that delivers hope, heals brokenness and reminds me of precious memories. In looking ahead, it is also the lyrical messages that lead me to strive for more, to push harder, and to not settle. Especially when life’s tough moments inevitably and unwillingly knock on our door, beat us down, and tell us it is not possible.

It is possible, and it’s the gospel in music all around us that declares this promise.

The challenge of this generation is to translate lyrical interpretations of scripture to the post-modern culture…but really what we are missing is that the interpretation is already active and alive in society. We just have to be open to it and let it grab on to us.

As Donald Miller so beautifully declares, “The only kind of theology is a theology with loose ends all over the place.” The Bible should compel us to never stop loving and taking care of other people. If we don’t, then we are doing nothing more than just reading instead of living out His word…the gospel is relational.

Our theology must eventually become ethics. If it doesn’t move from our head and heart to our hands, then it will never fully reach its divinely scripted fruition. It is the evidence of what we believe that plays out in the way we live leaving a lasting mark on every soul.

This is the soundtrack that compels us to be the living gospel.

About Bronwen Dunn

Bronwen Dunn is the Artist Program Office Coordinator for Food for the Hungry. Born in Orlando, Fla., raised in Texas, and a graduate of the Univ. of Georgia, Bronwen now resides in Nashville serving Christian artists and speakers in their goal to inspire others to sponsor children through FH. Bronwen is a coffee-drinking traveler that loves fashion, photography and anything around the water. She is a former international missionary and current triathlete. She’s been with FH for two years and continues to experience the great scope of FH’s work every day.