Cooking Injera, a Delicious Ethiopian Bread

Injera is a tangy Ethiopian flatbread made with teff flour that many people Food for the Hungry (FH) works with in Ethiopia make and eat.

Here is a recipe and  series of photos showing how an Ethiopian girl is baking injera. Ethiopian girls often help their mothers do household chores before and after school.  Because of child sponsorship, many of these girls continue to remain in school rather than spending all of their time on chores. These pictures show the complete  process of baking injera in a rural kitchen.

photo 1This Ethiopian girl first pours the batter onto the oiled skillet

photo 2She pours the batter onto the pan in a thin, even layer.

endShe removes the baked bread from the pan after the up-facing side is cooked.

end2She places it on a dish and serves it.

Recipe for Making Injera

6.5 pounds teff flour

2 cups of liquid dough (teff flour mixed with water and yeast)

5 liters water

Vegetable oil for cooking

Mix teff flour and the liquid dough, then add cold water and mix until the dough becomes thin. Cover and leave for two to three days until dough ferments. After three days, remove the liquid that comes above the dough, add 2 liters of boiled water. While the water is hot, mix with dough until it becomes thin enough to pour on flat cooking pan. You should put oil on your pan before using the batter each time. Pour in a thin layer of batter and cook until the upside is cooked. This amount will feed a family of five for three days.

Learn more about FH’s work in Ethiopia or how you can help families to get the supplies they need to make meals like this one.

(Photos by Kebede Lulie, communications coordinator for FH/Ethiopia.)

About Kebede Lulie

Kebede Lulie is a team and public relations coordinator for FH/Ethiopia. He joined FH in 2013. He also runs a private public relations consulting firm in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He is married and a father of two boys, ages 15 and 11 years old.

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