Fighting Human Trafficking Through Education

In recent years, many of us have become aware of the horrific, growing problem of human trafficking. We know that it happens in the areas we live, and also across the world. We know that there are millions of children, women and men ensnared in this heinous world of abuse.

But we don’t always know what traffickers look like, or how exactly they are able to exploit so many people. Even more challenging is the fact that these details can vary much depending on the location.

In rural Cambodia, many forms of trafficking are unfortunately quite prevalent. Forced prostitution and slave labor are serious threats to the people of this area. But what can the Cambodian people do about it?

Teenage girls learn about the dangers and warning signs of trafficking in rural Cambodia.

Teenage girls learn about the dangers and warning signs of trafficking in rural Cambodia.

This past January, Food for the Hungry staff in Cambodia held an awareness and training event for the youth of four villages. This training taught them how to protect themselves and others from becoming victims to trafficking.

They learned about the target groups of this kind of abuse, the deceitful tactics that are used to victimize people, and what to do if this happens to them or to someone they know. Forty young students attended this received this important information, and were encouraged to tell others about what they had learned.

“I did not know all forms of tricks business men are doing as I have not been trained such a lesson. I will share what I learned today with my family and my friends,” said Sok, a 17-year-old girl who attended the event.

If you want to help children participate in invaluable programs like this, please consider sponsoring a child through Food for the Hungry. Child sponsorship gives our staff opportunities to provide education and other vital resources to those who need them.

Although trafficking is a very complex issue, one of the most significant steps we can take to prevent it is to teach people what to watch out for, and how they can keep themselves safe. Knowledge is key in fighting injustice.

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