My Sponsored Child Lives in a Sensitive Community?

_MG_0329You decide to sponsor a child with Food for the Hungry (FH)—so you go online to find a child or grab a sponsorship packet at an event.

You receive your child sponsorship welcome kit in the mail and quickly scan the QR code (a bar you can scan with your phone) to find out more about your child.

Then…you discover your sponsored child lives in a religious-sensitive community. What happens next is up to you!

Sponsoring a child in a religious-sensitive area is a special challenge and privilege. Many people aren’t willing to take it on—but you may find this type of sponsorship very fulfilling.

So what is the difference between a sponsored child in a sensitive community and one who is not?

To identify these differences, we first will need to explain what we mean by a sensitive community. We call a community “sensitive” when the community’s culture or laws prevent us from practicing traditional evangelism.

In many of these places such evangelism is strictly illegal. Staff members who serve in these areas know the local culture and restrictions. Even though we cannot directly evangelize, our staff members do not hide their faith. The people in the communities we serve know we are a Christian organization.

So now we come to the differences between sponsored children in sensitive areas and the ones who are not in a sensitive area. For safety reasons, sponsors who have decided to sponsor a child who lives in a religiously sensitive area are not permitted to write about Jesus in their letters. However, your letters can still have a profound impact!

When you remind your sponsored child that they are special, loved and full of potential—you make a huge impact in their life and how they feel about themselves as well as others. You can ask them about food, holidays, culture and weather.

You can write, “God loves you and God bless you!” Remind them that God has a plan for his or her life! Always make sure you let your sponsored child know that you are always praying for the child and her family.

By sponsoring a child in a sensitive community, you are showing Christ-like love and acceptance. Jesus has a special place in his heart for those in need physically and spiritually. Your prayers and support help our field staff plant seeds in unreached areas!

You are part of the growing process. The love and understanding that you show your child through your letters will speak volumes to your child.

Please do not feel like you are hiding your faith by not writing about Jesus. You are respecting your child’s unique culture and trusting that our staff will find the right opportunity to share the gospel with guidance from the Holy Spirit.

If you haven’t sponsored a child yet, please consider sponsoring with Food for the Hungry. Together, we can help end suffering in these children’s lives and help them know Christ’s compassion through our actions.

About Sandy Estrada

I love working for FH! I feel so blessed to be part of such an amazing organization and an equally amazing team. I have been married for almost eight years, and have three amazing boys who light up my world. God has shown me His faithfulness in so many ways, and I truly believe that only with God are all things are possible.

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