In the Power of Christ

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Greetings from Ethiopia.

Imagine that you woke up this morning and Jesus was sitting on the edge of your bed. His presence fills the room with deep peace and awesome power.

You feel Him touch your shoulder and hear Him say your first name. And then He simply invites you to follow Him with the call, “Let’s end poverty together.” Imagine.

2007 Sara Sywulka (358)

Food for the Hungry (FH) staff in Ethiopia repeat this call we received from Jesus to everyone who will listen. It is personal. It is powerful. It is transformative.

2009 Angacha Field Visit (19)

All of our donors in the presence of Christ become our partners in good works. Poor beneficiaries in the presence of Christ become the honorable drivers of change. In the power of Christ, the local churches become the epicenters of repentance, reconciliation and healing.  FH leaders from every level of authority in the presence of Christ become servants of justice.

2011 Building 429 Zeway (42)

We know who calls us daily from the edge of our beds. We don’t have to be afraid.  We don’t have to doubt. We just rest in His presence and follow Him.

2011 Rodney Rascona_1724

Out of His Love, Jesus wants to end poverty together. That is His way.  Today, we in Ethiopia want to call the whole world to join us in ending poverty. And say thank you to those who are walking with us today.

Written by Tom LePage, FH/Ethiopia Country Director.

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