A Faithful Mother

mother and new baby_friend of amyEvery time I go to Food for the Hungry (FH) communities in Guatemala, I find stories that make me say, “God is good!”

Like the story of Margarita, a faithful women of the community of Chioya in Alta Verapaz. She has the prettiest smile I’ve ever seen. Her eyes reflect love and kindness even though her life has been difficult for her and her husband.

Ten years ago, she got married. Year after year, she and her husband tried to have a baby without being able to conceive. She continued to have faith and waited for a miracle for a decade.

When FH started to work in Chioya, Margarita was excited to help in the health and nutrition sessions. In these trainings, mothers learned how to provide nutritious food for their children. They also weighed in children, so that staff could track their development.

Margarita wanted to see the little ones in her community thrive. Her love for children was beautiful. She used to say, “Even if I don’t have children, I will help them, and someday God will give me my own.”

Week after week, Margarita would attend the trainings to help weigh-in children. She joined in the clinics and helped mothers to learn about hygiene, de-worming medicine and vitamins.

Two years ago, Margarita missed a few weeks of the health and nutrition sessions. FH staff asked the attending mothers if Margarita was alright. They reported amazing news—Margarita was pregnant.

Nine months later, she had a beautiful girl name Aura Milady.

As a new mother, Margarita knew to breastfeed her infant for the first six months of life. She also knew how to recognize illnesses, how to properly treat fevers and when she should come to the clinic to get a check-up for her baby.

It’s been two years since Margarita got her miracle. Now as a mother, she continues to help the women who attend FH’s health and nutrition sessions.

She is a role model mother.  She’s making a difference, just like you do when you partner with FH to help bring life-saving health information to mothers all over the world!

About Monique Aparicio

I’m a Guatemalan girl who is in love with life, grateful for each morning, seizing every moment and truly inspire for every kind smile. I want to share with you the stories about every hidden treasure in my journey with Food for the Hungry Guatemala. I hope you come with me and enjoy the ride…..

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