Picture Your Church in Nicaragua

When my friends and I visited Nicaragua last month, I saw the impact that churches are having in the communities where Food for the Hungry (FH) is working. I also learned about a group of neighborhoods waiting for a church partner. Could your church be the partner that these communities are waiting for?

The area is called Las Vigias (pronounced “Las Vee-HEE-us”), which lies in the northern part of Nicaragua near the border with Honduras. Last year, I first met Ervin Leiva, FH’s Country Director for Nicaragua. He had completed an assessment that identified Nueva Segovia, the state where Las Vigias lies, as having one of the highest concentrations of extreme poverty in the country. He  was eager to begin working in the region, and we are eager to have a church partner there.

When you visit Las Vigias, you’ll take a five-hour drive from the Nicaragua’s capital, Managua. The roads are good and there are even convenience stores along the way! On my trip to Nicaragua, I was surprised by how well developed the roads were. As your vehicle nears Las Vigias, you’ll notice that most homes in the area are made from mud and dried grass. Coffee fields pepper the beautiful landscape.

Girls in Nicaragua receive a quality education when FH partners with churches.

Girls in Nicaragua receive a quality education when FH partners with churches.

FH is looking for a church partner in Las Vigias that is ready to get their hands dirty. Mission trip projects will include infrastructure projects that improve education and health in the community, such as building classrooms, latrines or innovative water filters. The ideal church partner for Las Vigias will also connect to the community through child sponsorship, encouraging their church members to sponsor children in the area. Sponsorship allows the opportunity for every church member to develop a personal relationship with a child and watch him or her grow.

During your mission trip, we will connect you with local churches in the Las Vigias neighborhoods. We will introduce you to local pastors who are serving as the hands and feet of Christ in their communities. They may need help in discipleship, and you will certainly find yourselves discipled as you interact with them!

If you are planning to send mission teams that are made up of families with children, youth groups, or any mix of ages, Nicaragua is a great place to get connected. Our friendly staff members are experts at hosting guests. The available accommodations are even equipped with air conditioning and free internet so that your team can get rested and connected after their long workdays.

We have developed a two-page summary of Las Vigias for interested churches. Just click below to view or print the file.

Las Vigias profile

Click above to see a larger version of this Nicaragua profile..

I hope your church will contact us to learn more about partnering in Nicaragua. Just fill out our contact form to start the conversation.

About Wendy McMahan

Wendy McMahan is grateful for her front row seat in watching God “reconcile all things to Himself.” (Colossians 1:20) She still can’t believe that she gets to participate in His story every day. Wendy and her husband are proud parents to two daughters and have been foster parents to children of all ages. Wendy serves as Director of Church Engagement at Food for the Hungry. She hosts the Poverty Unlocked podcast.

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