Night of Dining for Luminoche

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Chef Telles, Monique Aparicio and Chef Soto

There is a community called Luminoche located in the highlands of western Guatemala that has big problems—more than half of the children have chronic malnutrition. The severity of the poverty is positioning children for serious developmental issues and possibly death.

So two international chefs decided to do something about it by creating a unique dining experience. 

Chef Diego Telles from Guatemala and Chef Pablo Soto from Mexico got together to create dishes for a dining event called Noche Luminoche to raise money for the community.  These chefs are internationally known and have worked in some of the best restaurants around the world, like NOMA in Denmark.

Carbon de yuca

Carbon de yucca

Appearing on two Gautemalan morning shows, Canal Antigua and Gautevision, the two chefs demonstrated their skills in creating unique and artistic dishes to create excitement for the dining event.

At Chef Telle’s Flor de Lis restaurant, the high-scale event drew 24 attendees to try the many unique dishes created by the two chefs like huevo de codorniz, tomate confitado, mahi mahi, carbon de yucca and helado de yogurt.Many of the dishes used traditional ingredients, but other dishes pushed the envelope by adding non-traditional additions like bugs.

Guests feasted on the diversity of dining flavors ranging from savory to sweet. The chefs committed 100 percent of the proceeds to go to Food for the Hungry (FH) programs to combat malnutrition in Luminoche.

At the end of the charity dinner, almost $2,000 was raised for starting up backyard gardens in Luminoche. Backyard gardens help families grow food, market extra produce for income and learn how a diverse diet can improve a child’s health through better nutrition. At the end of June, the two chefs are traveling to Luminoche to bring back stories for another fundraising dinner at the end of 2014.

A family in Luminoche.

A family in Luminoche.

But we need to raise a lot more to help the entire community, so I invite you and your church to join efforts for the community of Luminoche! You can help today by sponsoring a child in Luminoche or hosting a fundraising dinner of your own with donations going to FH!

FH would like to express many thanks to our friends Chef Telles and Chef Soto for using their culinary skills to express their love for children in need.

Together, we are ending poverty together one community at a time.

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