Sponsorship Helps Mother Feed Her Children

It’s no secret that a young mother needs all the help and nutritional support she can get, especially if she has a newborn baby! She needs high-calorie, vitamin-rich food in order to feed her infant and to care for her other children.

Ethensh receive 33 pounds of wheat grain each month to feed her family.

Ethensh receive 33 pounds of wheat grain each month to feed her family.

But when Ethensh gave birth to her fourth child, she had to spend many days with nothing to eat. Her older children often had to skip a meal or two a day also, so there would be enough food for the  younger ones.

Ethensh and her children lived on a plot of farmland in Ethiopia, but she struggled to get consistent crops due to drought and a lack of oxen to plow the large field. During a rain shortage, they might not even have two months worth of crops. Even in a good harvest, there wasn’t enough food to feed the family for the whole year.

To make some income for her family, Ethensh would sell salt and vegetables that she first buys wholesale on a credit basis. This brought in a bit of money,  but not enough to fill the gaps in her families diet or to meet their other needs.

Ethensh and her children receive their monthly food supply.

Ethensh and her children receive their monthly food supply.

When two of Ethensh’s children were registered into the child sponsorship program through Food for the Hungry, things changed for this family. The family now receives food support every month: 33 pounds of grain, six pounds of peas, and half a liter of cooking oil. To Ethensh, this monthly support makes all the difference for her family.

Thanks to God, since I get food support from FH, my children never go to bed without food.

Now Ethensh has five children and continues to receive food from FH and also school supplies and  uniforms for her kids, among other family support services. Four of Ethensh’s children attend school regularly.

She says that without the support they receive from FH, she doesn’t know how many of her children would stay in school and continue their studies. But now, she hopes that her children will complete their education, and even move on to higher education afterward. She believes her children have a bright and successful future ahead of them.

To help a family receive much-needed food and support, sponsor a child with Food for the Hungry.

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