Bringing Hope to the Sick

Sok Ren, in the yellow shirt, receives food from FH staff.

Sok Ren, in the yellow shirt, receives food from FH staff.

Sok Ren, age 63, is a single woman living in a small home in Cambodia with her son. She has cirrhosis, which is a scarring of the liver. Most days, she doesn’t have an appetite, feels weak and notices her skin turning jaundice.

Her disease is fatal, and with no husband, she fears what will happen to her son when she dies. She spent all her money on treatments to get better. When those didn’t work, she borrowed money from wealthy families for additional medical expenses and now carries the burden of finding a way to pay them back.

As she’s struggled with her health, people in her village now avoid her to make sure they don’t catch her disease. Her son is her sole caretaker, as he dropped out of school to help her since she was too weak to get out of bed.

When Food for the Hungry (FH) found out about Sok Ren and her son, FH staff made a visit to her home.

Staff told her about Jesus Christ’s love, prayed with her and gave her a food basket. Sok Ren started feeling hope for the first time.

Sok Ren and her son.

Sok Ren and her son.

“Currently, I was alone with my poor son,” said Sok Ren. “There is no one I can depend on as my neighbors got tired of helping me.”

Now FH staff visit her regularly to help her with food, emotional support and they are trying to encourage her son to join FH’s children’s club to catch up on the education he is missing.

Miraculously, after many visits from FH staff, Sok Ren is reporting that she is starting to feel better.

She asks FH/Cambodia staff to keep praying for her saying, “Only God can heal me. I take God as everything for me.”

FH staff are hoping that she will be healed as she keeps Jesus as her Savior and ask you to pray for her healing. This is just the first step in helping Sok Ren.

FH staff will regularly visit her to give her encouragement and comfort. They will also facilitate community leaders to find ways to help her meet physical needs. Through walking with communities, you and FH are finding ways to help the most vulnerable.

About Um Phor

Um Phor has worked with Food for the Hungry in Cambodia for more than 20 years as communications staff and in other positions to serve those living in poverty.

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