Don’t Ignore the Sadness, Blessed are the Peacemakers

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

– Edmund Burke


Let’s be honest, it has been a rough summer with lots of sadness. The airwaves, newspapers and social media feeds have been filled with tragic and depressing stories. So much so that it seems easiest to simply ignore the evil and destruction of sin in the world. But there is a problem with that response for those of us who call ourselves Christians … God doesn’t want us to ignore the sadness.

Edmund Burke’s words ring true in a variety of circumstances.

The wars in Syria and Afghanistan.

The spreading of Ebola in west Africa.

The atrocities of ISIS in Iraq.

Another disastrous typhoon in the Philippines.

The on-going conflict in South Sudan that is leaving thousands on the brink of starvation.

Even the death of Robin Williams … they all weigh heavy on our hearts with sadness as these stories remind us that the world is not what God intended it to be.

But instead of turning off the TV, clicking past the post, or ignoring each story that makes us feel sad, God calls us to strive toward love and peace. To be light in the darkness.

FH works in some of the darkest and saddest places on this planet. But we feel called to shine bright with hope and opportunity. To help restore His creation and offer a helping hand to His children.


Jesus did not turn away from the sick and handicapped, He healed and encouraged them. Jesus did not shame the prostitute, but smiled and promoted a different way of life. Jesus did not hate the corrupt tax collector, but instead dined with him and showed him how to correct his ways.

In the midst of all the chaos and sorrow that seems to surround us, let’s stay committed to making all things new in Jesus’ name. Make someone smile. Surprise someone with an act of kindness. Share a story that will encourage people. And stay involved in the on-going fight against poverty and injustice.

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the children of God.”

– Jesus Christ (Matthew 5:9)

About David Curtis

David is passionate about two things: Walking with the poor, and the New England Patriots. His interest in understanding and advocating for the poor began while spending the summer in rural South Africa, where he worked alongside a fellow 19 year old at an orphanage. The juxtaposition of life as a privileged American, with that of a determined yet struggling friend and peer from the Global South, began the trajectory of a calling to walk with the poor. Since then he has spent time working in South Africa, Indonesia and Haiti. David graduated from Calvin College as a Social Studies Teacher, combining a passion to teach with that of learning. A potent combination that strives to bring "Mutual Transformation" to the world. Go Pats!

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