Land to Grow On

photo twoEv Lay, 38, is a farmer living with her husband, Som Keo and her four children in Tropeang Run village in Cambodia. Her time in this village started off very hard.

Before moving to Tropeang Run village, Ev Lay and her husband would leave her children home to care for each other (including an infant) and do chores like gathering water for their small house in Banteay Mean Chey province. Ev and Som Keo would look for construction work or chopping cassava to earn money, while their children stayed at home and missed school.

In 2010, to try to make life better, Ev Lay and Som Keo decided to sell their land and house and move to Tropeang Run village. Unfortunately, life only got harder.

One week after moving, her husband and children got malaria. With only $12 .50 left, she spent $10 for medical treatment and $2.50 for food. With everyone sick, she went out alone looking for work to earn money.

Most of the time, she didn’t earn enough money to cover her family needs. Many nights, her whole family would go to bed hungry.

photo threeWhen Food for the Hungry (FH) staff, Man Chan, started working in Tropeang Run village, he talked to Ev Lay about helping her family to get healthy again. He encouraged her family members to drink boiled water, sleep with mosquito nets, and clear the area around her house.

He encouraged her to join FH groups to learn about health and agriculture. She attended the trainings and also joined a savings group.

After learning about growing crops and raising animals, Ev Lay was able to take out loans to buy animals and vegetable seeds. She borrowed a parcel of land from her neighbor and started growing leeks and other vegetables.

She also started raising chickens and ducks. FH staff taught her how to vaccinate the animals to keep them healthy and reproducing.

Now all kinds of vegetables are grown around her house. She also has many chickens and ducks. She has enough to feed her family and extra to sell for income. She makes approximately $100 each month selling vegetables and $15 a month selling chickens and ducks.

With the money made, she bought her own farmland and dug a pond. She also bought one water pump machine. With her investments, she plans to expand her farming. She is also able to send her children to school, so they no longer have to stay at home.

“Next year, I plan to grow corn, raise pigs,” said Ev Lay. “With the accumulated money, I plan to make a new house and buy a hand tractor. I thank FH/Cambodia staff, as they always encourage and provide me helpful skills and knowledge to start my business. Now, I am very happy as I am able to support my children’s study.”

This is the kind of difference you are making for families all over the world when you partner with FH to end poverty in their lives.

About Um Phor

Um Phor has worked with Food for the Hungry in Cambodia for more than 20 years as communications staff and in other positions to serve those living in poverty.

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