He Got Stopped from Being Trafficked

Abera and his son.

Abera and his son.

Abera Anulo, 35, told me how he almost was trafficked to another country, so he could find work to provide for his six children. When I visited his village in the Angecha district in southern Ethiopia last June 2014, life had changed drastically. Here he tells his story.

Because of my farmland’s low productivity, I could not produce enough to feed my children, even for five months. Then I decided to migrate to South Africa illegally in search of better job opportunity.

I studied all possible means to meet human traffickers, who could help me to travel to South Africa. From my search, I learned that they need good amount of money to help me crossing all boarders from Ethiopia to South Africa. Finally, I agreed to save enough money to pay them.

fiveIn the meantime, Food for the Hungry (FH) came to our village in 2010, and selected poor but hard-working farmers who were able to participate in an improved potato seed production program. I was one of these selected farmers, and got training on how to multiply quality potato seeds and distribute to fellow farmers in our village.

After the training, FH gave me 2,755 pounds of potato seed for multiplication. I planted the seed in my backyard as per the instruction I received from FH.

threeAfter four months, I produced 30,864 pounds of improved potato seed and sold it for about $2,000. From that money, I bought a hybrid milking cow and an ox. I saved portion of the money for my trip to South Africa.


In the following year, I produced more potato seed and sold it for a better price. Now, I am able to rent more farmland from other farmers to expand my potato seed farming. In 2012, I was able to feed my children year round, supply milk and send my children to school.


The saved money to migrate to South Africa is still with me.  Thanks to FH, this time I saw better job opportunity here in my village instead of migrating to foreign country with lots of risks.

I have a plan to build a grinding mill in my village with the money I saved for my trip to South Africa and render this service to my fellow villagers. I still plan to expand my seed multiplication farm.  Thank you FH for opening my eyes to see better job opportunity in my village.

About Kebede Lulie

Kebede Lulie is a team and public relations coordinator for FH/Ethiopia. He joined FH in 2013. He also runs a private public relations consulting firm in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He is married and a father of two boys, ages 15 and 11 years old.

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