One School Can Make a Difference

In Kenya, Food for the Hungry (FH) worked to help build a school. While education helps a child’s future, it does so much for them today as well.

The Lakartinya School is making a huge impact in children’s lives. Here are some ways children are being supported.

classroomGiving Girls a Chance

Many times, boys are favored over girls for receiving an education in Kenya. When FH works with a community, it also works with parents. Now, parents living in the communities near the Lakartinya school understand the importance of education for both boys and girls.

Many are doing away with cultural barriers that hinder girls from learning. Now, enrollment is 135 girls and 117 boys in the local nursery and primary levels. The girl-to-boy ratio is higher in Lakartinya school. This is a big difference from the rest of the area’s schools.

Water tank

Water tank

Clean Water to Drink

The school offers children clean water for drinking and washing hands. Many families in the area struggle with accessing clean water due to droughts and unavailable water sources. The school’s  water tank helps keep children hydrated and healthy.


To help prevent disease and to teach children about sanitation, the school built seven latrines and one urinal. Many local families are unfamiliar with latrines and healthy sanitation, so this helps children practice rather than using bushes or other unsanitary areas.

eatingDaily Food

Children attending the school are getting healthier. Their body weight is getting back to normal. Each day, they receive a healthy lunch and clean water to drink. As children become healthy, they become more alert to learn better at school

Recreation Sports

The school provides children with two soccer balls and one volley ball. This gives children a safe place to play, exercise and learn to work on a team. Children find great joy in playing soccer  and volleyball after school each evening and are feeling prepared to compete with other schools.

Just like one school can make a difference, so can one person. Join FH in helping children to experience better health and education through child sponsorship today!

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