13 Cute Photos of Babies With Their Mothers

Who doesn’t love a cute baby picture?

Food for the Hungry recently started a special program in Bolivia called Little Ones. This program is essentially a mother-child sponsorship program, for mothers of children five years old and younger.

Instead of corresponding with the child (like our regular child sponsorship program), the sponsor can write encouraging letters to the Bolivian mother, and receive updates about how her little one is growing. It is a wonderful way to help a young child grow up strong and healthy, and to reach out to a family overseas.

In processing the photos of the babies and toddlers in this program, some real gems were found. We all know that’s what you’re here for; so on to the cuteness!

Here is Anthony, who is all smiles.











Bismar, who looks enchanted by the camera!











Jenoe, who’s a little wobbly on his feet.











Aly, the sleeping beauty.











Jhoel Cristian, the little tiger cub.

Jhoel Cristian










Lizeth, who isn’t so sure about all the attention!











Jordan, who is loving the attention!











Abel, who isn’t a morning person.











Sacarias, who doesn’t know what’s going on!











Jhumina, who couldn’t possibly be any cozier.











Miguel Angel, the camera-shy cutie.

Miguel Angel










Rilda, the sassiest baby around.











And Amadeo… enough said.











Please consider sponsoring a child or a Little One through Food for the Hungry today!

About Holly Martinez

Holly Martinez connects children from Food for the Hungry's child sponsorship program to caring sponsors like you . Her blog will give you a glimpse of the impact your sponsorship makes in the communities we serve. Holly loves adventuring with her husband and their puppy, sleeping in, learning and creating.

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