Visit Beautiful Guatemala

oneRecently, I had the pleasure of traveling with church pastors from the northwestern  United States. Together, we traveled to Guatemala!  I have to tell you…it was really good for my heart.

As a church engagement representative for Food for the Hungry (FH), often my day consists of sending emails, managing field projects with church partners, ordering sponsorship packets for events, and recruiting new churches for community relationships in the countries where we work.  

I appreciate my work and know it is important, but there is something especially uplifting about crossing a border to get face-to-face with the people that my daily computer work contributes to helping.

When I get to travel to the field on a vision trip, it is an incredible blessing!  My eyes are re-opened to the delightful ways that God engages with people and how we get to engage with each other in love and service, for His glory!

For this last trip, I got the opportunity to travel to Guatemala with Evergreen Christian Center, a church located just outside of Portland. To my delight, the pastors “fell in love” with each community they met.

I have heard that Guatemala, with its lush green mountains, massive volcanoes and lovely people, is enchanting and blessed…and it’s true. Every church I talk to after coming home from their short-term mission trip to Guatemala looks radiant with God’s love.

From October 13 – 17, FH is taking a team of pastors to the high countries of Guatemala to meet potential communities where they can inspire hope, act in service and bring the love of Jesus.  We have space available for 10 pastors!

If you are a pastor, would you like to join us on this journey?  Or, if you are a member of a church and have a heart to serve the poor, would you share this opportunity with the pastor of your church?

If your answer is “yes,” simply call FH at 800-248-6437 and ask to speak to Heidi Heinrich or a church engagement representative. If you’d like more information about on pastor’s trip, listen to this message from Elizabeth Sawczuk. She is the co-pastor of ministry for Evergreen church and shares her vision trip experience in this message….take a listen!

Don’t hug the edges any longer, but do jump in with us into adventures in the Word/World!  

About Heidi Heinrich

Heidi Heinrich, church relationship manager for Food for the Hungry's community-to-community (C2C) program, got her start with Food for the Hungry as a volunteer. She began promoting child sponsorship after being incredibly moved to "just do something" about the poverty she had seen while serving internationally on a team. A mother of two adult children who are pursuing their life's work in serving the poor, Heidi attributes their passion to the impression made through child sponsorship. "It has been a journey." she says, "It all began by sponsoring a child in Bangladesh that led to serving on a team. I am very grateful for the experiences God has given me through sponsorship." She also enjoys art and music, and she is finishing her degree in Human Development through Hope International University.

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