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Poiema … God’s Workmanship

The early church taught about two types of lives: the Perfect life and the Permitted life. The spiritual and the secular. The Perfect life allows for reflection in place of work (monks, priests, nuns, anyone who does nothing but sit around and think holy thoughts, etc). The Permitted life requires labor. These people (the laborers) […]

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Goodbye to cookie cutters: Three reasons to be glad

Now that I’ve gotten your attention with something food-oriented… In my FH world, “cookie cutter” refers to community development where an outsider comes to a village with a certain pre-packaged technical solution to a problem.  Every village would receive the same stuff with the same design.  The village’s decision is whether to accept or reject […]

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Boy in green sweater with pen

Pen, paper and a future in Guatemala

The photographer’s caption tells me the image comes from a place where Food for the Hungry works called “Rio Azul,” or “Blue River,” in Guatemala’s Ixil Triangle region.  But I see a story far beyond a young child poised to draw something. The green in little boy’s sweater mirrors the thick vegetation I remember from […]

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From Hopeless to Blessed: Partnerships Save and Transform Lives

Wilfred lived at the top of a steep hill in the Haitian village of Lespinasse. His shack was made of sticks and mud and smelled of disease and neglect. Diabetes had rendered Wilfred blind, sick, helpless and difficult to look at. “My spirit was deeply troubled when I first met Wilfred,” remembers Heidi Hatch, Field […]

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Church in Kenya rises to meet practical needs

About this time last year, we learned about a local church in Kenya that chose to go against the flow of society by reaching out to the outcast: people living with HIV/AIDS. You can read that uplifting story here. Today, I want to tell you about another church in Kenya that has led its community in providing […]

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Breaking the bonds of child slavery

“The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners….”  Isaiah 61:1 She never smiled, talked or played. She never had […]

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Working with all sectors of society to protect women and girls

On a global scale, one in every three women will experience some form of gender-based violence in her lifetime. In Burundi — consistently listed as among the world's top five poorest countries — it's safe to say that that ratio is much higher. HTTP://WWW.CANEXBACK.COM/ Registered cases of violence against women in the places FH works have reached […]

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How to boost real estate in Northern Kenya

Karbururi used to be just another overlooked, undesirable village on the road between Golole and Sololo in Northern Kenya, until a big hole was dug in the ground. With no school or water source, and with a road impassible during the rainy season, this community suffered increasingly from isolation as other development groups passed it […]

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The Local Church Continues to Respond in Japan

This article was originally published on the Food for the Hungry Relief blog.  To see the post in its original format, please visit:   An update from Director of Emergency Response Peter Howard, who was in Japan last week and met with our partner organization Friends with the Voiceless International (FVI). Today while traveling with […]

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Kenyan church rejects social stigma, reaching out to HIV/AIDS victims

In this post: nutritional support as a tool to stop HIV/AIDS This is the last story in our blog series about FH”s strategy to stop HIV/AIDS in some of the world”s most vulnerable places. So far, we”ve looked at: Prevention Compassionate care Access to medical care Increased household income “The group members have now accepted their status […]

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