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Persecution Exisits.

Pakistan (MNN) ― An advocate for Christians in Pakistan will be laid to rest today, and the government is observing three days of mourning. Even as Pakistan’s clerics and other senior leaders condemned Wednesday’s assassination of Shahbaz Bhatti, Christians took to the streets in Lahore, expressing their ire. Bhatti was the federal minister of minority […]

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FH/DR Staff on the News in Madison Wisconsin!

MADISON (WKOW) — Stepping onto new ground. A group of Dominicans are here in Madison, for the first time, due to the generosity of Wisconsinites. High Point Church has been sponsoring a community in the D. R. for several years, and now the people they’ve sponsored are here. After 11 years several people from the […]

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What “stigma” really means to one Haitian family

As mentioned in the last blog post, much of the progress made by Food for the Hungry and other NGOs in Haiti was greatly hindered by the massive January 2010 earthquake. Still, right now, dedicated Haitians and people from other countries devote themselves to stopping AIDS in Haiti through education, prevention, and care for those already infected. In […]

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The way I see Haiti

On roads lined with cactus and palm trees intermixed in tall green grass, life seems to face the road here. As we drove through towns and villages I felt the constant urge to snap a quick shot out the window. Everyone we passed was perfectly posed, facing the road for a perfect shot from the […]

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Journey to Haiti

Some of my first thoughts as I journey to Haiti…. On the plane from Ft. Lauderdale to Haiti at 6:30 am. Without leaving the ground I have already seen many things that remind me of Kampala and the people and culture I love so much. A man on the plane wears two fedoras… One black […]

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