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How the Bible brought clean water to Mozambique

The more you study community development, the more you realize that solutions to problems usually can be found within the community. You can”t SEE them, but they”re there. What I”m talking about are ideas … values … principles. Even beyond cement and supplies to construct clean-water wells, schools or other infrastructure, the most important thing FH gives to families locked […]

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One teacher for every 114 students … that needs to change.

It's no wonder only 46 percent of Burundian students complete school when you consider that, in some areas, the ratio of teachers to students is 1 to 114. HTTP://WWW.CANEXBACK.COM Public school is free in Burundi, but thanks to 10 years of an incredibly terrible civil war, there just aren't many schools in existence. So children […]

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HIV education not only saves lives — it strengthens marriages

When FH teaches married couples about marital faithfulness as a way to protect oneself from HIV, other wonderful results often pop up. Here is testimony from a man in Mozambique who, along with his wife, participated in FH's prevention programs which include lessons on non-verbal communication, conflict resolution and child rearing.  From left: Antonio and […]

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Working with all sectors of society to protect women and girls

On a global scale, one in every three women will experience some form of gender-based violence in her lifetime. In Burundi — consistently listed as among the world's top five poorest countries — it's safe to say that that ratio is much higher. HTTP://WWW.CANEXBACK.COM/ Registered cases of violence against women in the places FH works have reached […]

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How to boost real estate in Northern Kenya

Karbururi used to be just another overlooked, undesirable village on the road between Golole and Sololo in Northern Kenya, until a big hole was dug in the ground. With no school or water source, and with a road impassible during the rainy season, this community suffered increasingly from isolation as other development groups passed it […]

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A story of radical renewal for the New Year

No more fitting of a name could have been given to the New Life Center in Kitgum, Northern Uganda. At this place, some of the world's most broken, abused women find the space and tools they need to be remade emotionally, socially, spiritually and physically. I've seen it for myself, and it is amazing. HTTP://CANEXBACK.COM […]

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WORLD AIDS DAY–More people than ever are living with HIV. Why is this GOOD news??

Today is World AIDS Day — a day when the global community takes a hard look at the AIDS pandemic and our progress in defeating it. The United Nations said 2011 was a “game changing year” for the AIDS response (source). HTTP://WWW.CANEXBACK.COM/ The good news is that fewer people are dying from HIV than ever before, meaning […]

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This week, in a special event in Kenya, dozens of men are taking a big step to protect themselves from HIV.

Today through Thursday — which just so happens to be World AIDS Day — FH staff in Kenya are carrying out a massive campaign to medically circumcise more than 150 men in one of the world's most HIV-endemic places. Once men learn that voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) can help protect them from HIV, many willingly line […]

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BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL! Defend women suffering from injustice – only $9/month

Today, just having given thanks for all that we have, American women will descend in herds upon mega malls, strip malls and outlet malls. (Let's be honest: it's not the finest example of our society's values.) CANEXBACK.COM At the same time, the world will turn its face to the ⅓ of the world's women who […]

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What happens AFTER a clean-water well is dug?

Everyone gets excited about the digging of a brand-new well … the anticipation, the hard work, and the joyous celebration upon seeing clean, drinkable water spew from the ground! But what happens after that? Who’s in charge of the water — whose water is it? Just as we pay companies for our water use here in […]

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