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BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL! Defend women suffering from injustice – only $9/month

Today, just having given thanks for all that we have, American women will descend in herds upon mega malls, strip malls and outlet malls. (Let's be honest: it's not the finest example of our society's values.) CANEXBACK.COM At the same time, the world will turn its face to the ⅓ of the world's women who […]

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What happens AFTER a clean-water well is dug?

Everyone gets excited about the digging of a brand-new well … the anticipation, the hard work, and the joyous celebration upon seeing clean, drinkable water spew from the ground! But what happens after that? Who’s in charge of the water — whose water is it? Just as we pay companies for our water use here in […]

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FH staff rescue boy on the brink of suicide

This is John. When he was little and just learning to talk, he lost both his mom and dad to AIDS. He’s been on his own for a long time. John comes from a Christian background, is 11 and also is HIV-positive. One day, John learned about doctors coming to his village of Loiyangalani to do […]

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When is “it’s just cultural” not an excuse for allowing injustice?

While helping a community emerge from extreme poverty, FH always strives to preserve that community’s unique culture and traditions. There are times, however, when traditions probably should change. Female genital mutilation (FGM) is a tradition practiced mainly in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. It is widely condemned as a violation of human rights along […]

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Stopping the real killer of AIDS patients

You probably already know that AIDS doesn’t technically kill a person; rather, it cripples a person’s immune system so much that other deadly diseases or infections easily grab hold. In reality, worldwide, tuberculosis (TB) is the leading killer of persons infected with HIV (source). Here in the U.S., we very rarely hear about TB — […]

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VIDEO: How to cut diarrhea-related deaths in half (hint: it’s something you do every day)

If you care about clean water and are concerned for the 1.1 billion people right now who don’t have it, you probably also know that every day, about 6,000 people (mostly children under 5) die from diarrhea-related diseases (source). The World Health Organization says half of those lives could be saved just by handwashing. In Mozambique and […]

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Together for Adoption Conference

Join FH staff and advocates at the Together for Adoption Conference on October 21-22 in Phoenix, Arizona. Breakout sessions from FH include… – Orphans Overcoming Poverty with Wendy McMahan Breakout Session 1, Friday, October 21, 10:45 am Room 214 – The Status of Ethiopian Orphans with Dawit Kassaye Breakout Session 3, Friday, October 21, 1:00 pm Room […]

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Why men are lining up in droves to be circumcised

In a recent report from FH field staff in Kenya, one of the challenges listed to FH’s new Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision program was that every day, there was a long line of men waiting for the procedure–more men than the project could handle. The World Health Organization reports that circumcision lowers by about 60 percent the risk of […]

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FH/Ethiopia receives trophy for outstanding educational programs

A few weeks ago, Food for the Hungry was hand-picked from among three non-governmental organizations as having the best educational programs in a specific area of Ethiopia. The area is called the East Wolega Zone, in the region of Oromia, where 18 FH staff members minister incarnationally–living in the communities and patiently building relationships there (some […]

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What clean water means to me — from Ethiopia

Last month, we published a story from Ethiopia about 22 clean-water points constructed in the district of Sasiga. 52-year-old Adde Nadi is one of the many who now enjoys clean water close to home, thanks to the construction of a protected spring just 15 minutes away by foot. Adde Nadi desperately needed this new protected spring because […]

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