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Peruvian girl eating corn on the cob

The reality of hunger

I’ll never forget the day hunger became real to me. I was with Food for the Hungry colleagues in rural Bolivia, visiting a rustic mountain community. FH had constructed a water system here and had taught mothers about health and hygiene. There was a one-room schoolhouse that went through second grade, and a dilapidated and […]

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Bolivian sewing school teaches women skills

The Chair in the Seed

“Where did this chair come from?” Germán asked me. We had been talking with a group of women in Bolivia who had just started their own sewing school with guidance from FH. Germán, the FH staff member who leads the project, was making a point about helping the women to support themselves. Germán related the training he had given […]

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How irrigation changed a family’s future

Agustin Michel is a 52-year-old Bolivian farmer with eight children. Like most people in his community, he never used to allow himself to dream about the future. He and his children faced the same prospects his father and grandfather had faced. Hunger. Malnutrition. And no hope of escaping from poverty. Hope glimmered more than a […]

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sacrificing comfort for Christ

Meet My New Role Model

Olivia is the type of person who lights up a room. I met her in Sorojchi, a rural area of Bolivia. After an early morning journey from the nearest city on bumpy dirt roads, I sat down with the local FH staff for breakfast. Each of us introduced ourselves as we passed around bread, yogurt, […]

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Girls with curiosity

I loved seeing the video clip of the NASA scientists at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory celebrating the landing of the Curiosity rover on Mars the other day.  What a milestone! I’m a child of the Apollo era, when we stayed up late to watch moon walks or heard about the mission’s progress over the school […]

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VIDEO – Working together to save children’s lives through clean water

Diarrhea is the second leading cause of death in children under age 5. Watch this video featuring Karen Neiswender, FH health program support specialist, to learn how a simple water filter can prevent diarrhea and save lives. Help yourself to the details of this water-filter study in Bolivia by reading our blog posts: Part 1 and Part 2.

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Working together to save children’s lives through clean water – Part 2

In the last post, I introduced a recent study done in Bolivia to test the effectiveness of a water filter in combating diarrhea among young children. Usually nothing more than a mere inconvenience or a trip to the doctor for children in the U.S., diarrhea kills about 1.5 million children per year in places where clean water […]

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Working together to save children’s lives through clean water – Part 1

Partnership is a key to success in almost every area of life. You’ve probably heard it said, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Across the world, FH partners with other non-profit organizations, governments, churches, schools and local community groups to help meet physical and spiritual needs […]

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Should water be provided by the public or private sector?

We’ve talked a lot so far about the raw mechanics of finding, gathering and storing clean water in extremely remote places like Sololo, Kenya. But this article about the president of Bolivia got me thinking about how water is managed day-to-day once access to it is established. Most water distribution in developing countries is managed by the public sector, but […]

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