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Angel, age 24 — first in his community to reach college

I was a sponsored child with Food for the Hungry. I grew up in the community of Saraxoch, in Guatemala. My parents never went to school, and they always struggled to find stable work, but they made my education a priority. That's why I studied hard to prove to them that they were not wasting […]

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How a toilet can display the love of Christ

In the last Poverty 180: Water post, we saw the strong link between good hygiene, clean water and physical health. In discussions about clean water, improved sanitation is a major player. The World Health organizationdiscusses the two together and says that while safe drinking water is becoming more accessible worldwide, we still have a long way to […]

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Lifelong learning helps a Guatemalan grandma care for her family

“I want my grandchildren to grow healthy; that is the reason I am dedicating my time to learn about agriculture,” says 44-year-old Dominga who always has been an active member of her community high in the hills of Guatamala. Guatemala’s children have the highest rate of chronic malnutrition in all of Latin America, and it’s […]

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What’s better than building a classroom for kids who desperately need it?

What is better than going into a community, finding 130 elementary-school students crammed together under deteriorating roofs, and building them brand-new classrooms?  Answer: Walking alongside that community’s leaders and families, providing encouragement and strategic support as they build their own classrooms. FH helps communities in extreme poverty access the resources needed to lift themselves out of poverty for […]

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How do you calculate the value of one teacher?

A few years ago, I had the privilege of seeing Food for the Hungry staff at work in Nicaragua — the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, after Haiti. One of the places I went was El Limonal, a community I was told lay in the “triangle of death” between the city’s dump, cemetery and sewer system. […]

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Are we willing to share our best?

Victor Cortez, Regional Director of Food for the Hungry in Latin America, shared the following insight about people living in physical poverty. When vulnerable people host others in their home, they share the best they have with their guests. They do not share what they do not like any more, what they no longer use, […]

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Field staff know that small contributions add up

Victor Cortez, the FH regional director for Latin America and country director for Guatemala, has served with Food for the Hungry for 18 years. His academic/professional background involves agricultural engineering, business, marketing, and environmental management. He challenges us at Food for the Hungry to give all glory to God and to listen to God’s teaching, […]

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