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Boy in green sweater with pen

Pen, paper and a future in Guatemala

The photographer’s caption tells me the image comes from a place where Food for the Hungry works called “Rio Azul,” or “Blue River,” in Guatemala’s Ixil Triangle region.  But I see a story far beyond a young child poised to draw something. The green in little boy’s sweater mirrors the thick vegetation I remember from […]

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Church in Kenya rises to meet practical needs

About this time last year, we learned about a local church in Kenya that chose to go against the flow of society by reaching out to the outcast: people living with HIV/AIDS. You can read that uplifting story here. Today, I want to tell you about another church in Kenya that has led its community in providing […]

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A price too high to pay for clean water

It’s 5 a.m. one chilly morning in Mariwa village, and Florence is up and ready for the day ahead. She quickly sips her tea to help her energize. As the lady of the house, Florence knows an early start will give her an edge over most other women going down to the stream to fetch water.

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Empowering resource-poor families to send their children to school

They moved from their impoverished hometown to the crowded, almost-12-million-person capital city of Metro Manila in search of a better life. Finding Manila's high cost of living too impossible, they moved again to San Roque, a coastal neighborhood about 10 miles outside the city. Settling there was illegal, but it was better than going all […]

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Caring for all of God's creation

Following the examples of Jesus, FH works with people of all faiths and backgrounds because we understand that all people are God's creations. Likewise, we know the earth is God's creation, and resource-poor communities are intimately connected to it. Here's a glimpse of how we care for people by caring for the land on which […]

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Angel, age 24 — first in his community to reach college

I was a sponsored child with Food for the Hungry. I grew up in the community of Saraxoch, in Guatemala. My parents never went to school, and they always struggled to find stable work, but they made my education a priority. That's why I studied hard to prove to them that they were not wasting […]

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Ugandan orphan determined to cure AIDS

Many people are crushed by adversity, but some harness it to fuel their dreams. “I will be a medical doctor,” says Joel who, at age 10, grieved the deaths of both his parents. “I wish to establish this drug that will cure AIDS. It has taken many people, including some of my relatives.” When Food […]

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Autistic children find acceptance and help at a special center in India

Neelam describes her son”s autism as a great sea in which her family floats, searching for help. “We pray the God gives us the solutions,” she says in English, her third language. “God shows us a light house that is a Ashish Centre. You are the light; we are swimming towards the light house … […]

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Three years of patiently "walking with leaders" changes a Cambodian community

FH's mission statement is “to walk with churches, leaders and families in overcoming all forms of human poverty by living in healthy relationship with God and His creation.” In the forests of rural Cambodia, there is a small community called Toul Prasat. My husband and I visited there in 2010, which is why I'm so […]

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Four ways poverty increases a girl's risk of sexual abuse

If most victims of sexual abuse are girls or women, and if people living in poverty are more susceptible to sexual abuse (source), then girls living in poverty are extremely vulnerable. canexback In many rural villages in Mozambique, where physical and spiritual poverty often blankets families with disease, fear of ancestral spirits, and a lethargic […]

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