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The Definition of Poverty — Beyond Mere Stuff

People define poverty as an absence of something. While mostly commonly associated with material needs, we attach the word “poverty” to all kinds of other words: poverty of thought, of culture, of philosophy, of ideas. So “poverty” is a broad term we use to identify some element we think is missing. What’s missing among the […]

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The Importance of Play, Especially for Children

It’s Time to Play Ball Again! April means that Winter is over, and the Boys of Summer are about ready to do their thing, and that “hope springs eternal” in every major league city in America. In fact, the Cubs are only a game out of first place! While Food for the Hungry (FH) deals with some […]

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BIG Things Should Get Us Excited

We are fascinated by the immense. We are awestruck by the improbable. We are mesmerized by the BIG things in life. Aren’t we? Think about a few things that are HUGE… The Grand Canyon. New York City. The ocean. Sequoia Trees. The Rocky Mountains. We’re also enamored by events of large gatherings, right? The Olympics […]

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Overcoming Poverty Through Education

Did you know that extreme poverty keeps 72 million children from attending school, and that this puts them at greater risk for abuse while also lowering their income-earning potential? The Education and Poverty Connection In 2010, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) reported that one out of every six people in the world are illiterate. […]

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The Story of Adane Berihanu

The Sekota district is a highly drought-prone district of Amhara region in Ethiopia. Almost every year there is not enough rainfall to grow food for all the residents. In the early eighties, thousands died due to hunger, starvation and malnutrition-related diseases. But things have changed. Meet Adane Berihanu. He is a 38-year-old father of two […]

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Our World Health Day Heroes

Today is World Health Day AND World Health Workers Week! And we’d like nothing more than to celebrate and recognize some of our favorite health worker heroes around the globe — women who devote their lives to ensuring the health of all children in their communities. We’re talking about Mother Leaders! In Food for the […]

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FH and Uganda Goats Help Grandparents Cope with HIV/AIDS Aftermath

Have you given much thought to the victims of HIV/AIDS lately?  Not the ones who have succumbed because of it, but the ones who are left behind when their parents fall victim to this dreaded killer. Lawrence Okello of Tikoling, Uganda, has thought about those victims a lot. One of his daughters died of HIV/AIDS, […]

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Easter: Running towards the Roar

During the Easter season, I have found myself thinking about the pain and suffering of Jesus Christ in light of the resurrection. The cross and the empty tomb go together. As the writer of Hebrews declared, “for the joy set before Jesus, he endured the cross, scorning its shame.” Simply put, there are days of […]

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Getting By During Lean Months in Ethiopia

Meet Awotu Kegne. She is a 29-year-old mother of five children who lives in Sekota district of Amhara Region, Ethiopia. She and her husband live on subsistence farming. Unfortunately, Sekota is one of the drought-prone districts of the region, and the land is mountainous and highly-degraded with little topsoil. According to Awotu, her village hasn’t […]

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South Sudan: More than school buildings

  Reading, writing, ‘rithmetic and … land mine awareness? The words jumped off the page as I explored the description of the new Food for the Hungry (FH) UNICEF-funded emergency education program in South Sudan. Mine awareness – teaching kids to avoid land mines, or what to do if you find one – is just part […]

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