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Kenifer hard at work in class

Where the education system stops…we start

This year, we will send our kids to school expecting them to learn. If they struggle or fall behind in class, we expect them to ask for help. We also expect our children’s teachers to notice their difficulties and assist them. Sometimes a student just needs a little extra support. Thankfully, most U.S. schools offer […]

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True things about God and us

The Apostle Paul says three true things about God in Ephesians 4:6, “… there is one God and Father of all who is over all, through all and in all.” In big theological words, God is transcendent (over all), sovereign (acts through all) and immanent (in all).  He re-affirms this in Romans 11:36, “From Him […]

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The WHY in the reason we sponsor

Blog post by FH blogger Michelle Sarabia It’s day four of the FHBloggers in Guatemala and each day seems to be more incredible from the previous. Today, I had the honor of meeting mine and Jose’s sponsor child, Imelda, in her home.  Her sweet spirit is so beautiful. Entering into the home, Imelda presented me […]

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Journey to Guatemala: Understanding chronic malnutrition

Blog post by FH blogger Sarah Matheny We left Guatemala yesterday. Even though we’ve returned to our usual routines of grocery shopping, laundry catch-up, swimming lessons and lots of cuddling time with the girls, there are so many things I won’t be able to ignore about my time in Guatemala and specifically the time spent […]

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I want to hear

Blog post by FH blogger Raechel Myers I’ve been home from Guatemala now for 48 hours. I don’t know what I expected. Maybe I thought I’d have processed things a bit more by now. In some ways I definitely have, but I have a feeling this is something I’ll be unpacking for years to come. […]

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I am enough. I have enough.

Blog post by FH blogger Allison Vesterfelt I’m still in Guatemala, and if I had to use one word to describe my time here, I would use this word: hospitality. Honestly, this is a huge value of mine. I grew up in a family who offered meals and beds to anyone who needed them, anytime, […]

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Meeting Yesika

Blog post by FH Artist Program Office Coordinator Bronwen Dunn  Imagine a moment when the world stands still and changes all at once. Today was that day. I entered a secluded village in the lush, jungle-covered mountains of Guatemala to the smell of burning wood and the sight of tiny little faces behind wired fences. […]

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FH doesn’t give charity, they give dignity

Blog post by FH blogger Darrell Vesterfelt I have had the pleasure of spending this past week with Food for the Hungry in Guatemala. I knew I loved FH before I took this trip, but I have been blown away at the way that they help grow sustainable communities. The best part about the work […]

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Jealous of a mother’s strength

Blog post by FH blogger Michelle Sarabia It’s Day Three in this beautiful country of Guatemala, and yet again, I leave a people that God has truly put on my heart. This is Margarita.  Her smile is infectious. When our eyes connected as we were first introduced by our translator, I sensed a commonality with […]

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Journey to Guatemala: Knowing Olga

Blog post by FH blogger Sarah Matheny Imagine you are 8 years old.  You live in a small village in Guatemala, in a small house, which perhaps would be better described as a hut.  It’s at the top of a very steep, very rocky hill that you travel up and down several times a day […]

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